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October-December 2014


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Increased bearing hills and harvested area across Davao Region and expansion of plantation farms in Northern Mindanao, Caraga and Central Visayas contributed to

Effective Crop Area Harvested - The actual area from which harvests are realized which is counted as many times as it was planted and harvested to same crops or different

o decrease in area harvested in Davao Oriental due to effect of dry spell.  Eastern Visayas, the top producer recorded production of 48.96 thousand metric tons and shared 36.6

o decrease in cultivated area for mongo due to warm weather in Cagayan Valley particularly in Isabela and in mongo producing areas of Bicol region, Eastern Visayas

Increased production was attributed to crop shifting from garlic, increased area harvested in Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur and bigger bulbs formed due to less bulb rot in the

Corn: Harvested area estimates and forecasts by semi-annual, by region, Philippines, January-December, 2012-2013 NOTE: Totals, yields and percentage changes were derived from

Forecasts of palay and corn production for the 1 st half of 2010 indicate lower production compared to 2009 levels due to the anticipated reductions in area harvested by 2.36%

The increments were mainly attributed to the increase in area harvested and yield resulting from early onset of rainfall, continuous usage of high yielding varieties of

The increments were attributed to the increase in area harvested and yield brought by more usage of high yielding variety seeds coupled with sufficient

o Probable harvest area may decline due to early harvest during July-September 2017 in Ilocos Region, Central Luzon, Western Visayas and SOCCSKSARGEN attributed to

o Probable increase in harvest area may be noted in CAR, Ilocos Region, Northern Mindanao, SOCCSKSARGEN and ARMM due to movement of cropping of some areas from the 4 th

o In Cagayan Valley, probable decrease could be attributed to the lower area due to flooding brought by Typhoon “Nona”, insufficient rainfall and late release

- In Cagayan Valley, higher output was boosted by the increase in yellow corn harvest area in Isabela and Quirino coupled with sustained usage of high quality

13 where QS r is the domestic paddy production, QD r is the domestic food demand for rice, FP r is the domestic farm price of paddy, AREA r is the area harvested for paddy, MP r

The increase in the number of cattle slaughtered in slaughterhouses in Ilocos Region and Northern Mindanao and the sustained demand for meat processing,

Peanut production went up by 1.42 percent as a result of the increase in area planted in Caraga and Central Luzon in response to higher demand for the product.. In Ilocos Region,

 Increase in harvest areas and number of hills harvested due to favorable weather for drying of abaca fibers expanded production in Albay, Catanduanes, Zamboanga

On the other hand, there was a 0.43 percent output gain in Sultan Kudarat which was attributed to the increase in area harvested and quality tilapia harvested because of

The production gain was attributed to increased stocking due to availability of quality crablets, additional area harvested, big size harvested and high demand

Production in Rizal grew by 4.57 percent due to increase in area harvested in response to the higher great demand for freshwater species because of fish scare.. Production in

In the case of marine fish pens, increase in milkfish production was biggest in Davao del Sur at 167.52 percent because of increase in harvested area, quality fingerlings and

o Increase in area and number of bearing trees through the Participatory Coconut Planting Program of PCA in Sultan Kudarat increased production of SOCCSKSARGEN by 7.08%

Consequently, the low palay production output of the region was ascribed to the decline in the area harvested, particularly in the provinces of Surigao del Sur and