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Featured in this issue are the leading causes of mortality in the Philippines for the period of January to December 2020 and 2019.


Academic year: 2022

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• By tradition , the President of the University is always followed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs , then , by the Vice President for Planning and Finance , the

Featured in this issue is the fisheries situation in the Philippines covering the period of July to September 2020. It presents the total volume of fisheries production and its

This paper aimed to determine the facilitating and hindering factors in the implementation of local tuberculosis (TB) control programs in two purposively selected localities in the

was presented. The NDR developed was shown to be a centralized web-based information system that contains radiation dose records from external exposures of workers in the country.

In the first case, a germline missense mutation in COL7A1 (exon73:c.G6127A) was identified for a patient that presented with clinical symptoms of dystrophic epidermolysis

There is a need to assess the content of published local literature on complementary and alternative medicine in dermatology in the Journal of the Philippine Dermatological

The first case is a 1-year-old male with a coarse facial appearance and gingival hypertrophy, multiple painful joint contractures, frog leg deformity, and characteristic

Although in this period there were no Aboriginal writers in a position to explore the Northern Territory as a literary subject, non-Aboriginal writers filled the gap, writing

Since the total cost of illness increases remarkably due to the indirect cost, and the indirect cost increases signifi cantly in proportion to the overall work impairment,

While differentiating FNH from variants of HCA remains challenging, it has been sug- gested that the presence of contrast washout (i.e., lesion hypointensity compared to

This book recognizes that they impose five fundamental energy management change drivers: (1) the growing demand for electricity, (2) the emergence of renewable energy resources, (3)

Bound sessions can also be used to authorize actions on other entities, and in that case, the bind entity’s authValue adds entropy to the session key creation, resulting in

In the United States their requests would have been unnecessary because American prosecutors are required to tell defense lawyers and the court—long before a trial starts—whether

Accordingly, Article 27 of the Convention guides States parties in the implementation of such right by setting forth some basic rules: (a) non-discrimination, as the persons

6.9 Carbon stocks in the organic layer (a), as well as in the mineral soil down to a depth of 30 cm (b) and in depth increment 30 – 90 cm (c) under pure coniferous and broadleaf

We synthesise our fi ndings to conclude that, in undertaking these enormous challenges, architects in socialist Estonia (as well as Latvia and Lithuania) can be considered visionary

Starting from the case of G., a man with “homosexual tendencies” interned in the Collegno mental health hospital in 1928, this book investigates the pathologisation of

contradictory cultural politics of independent music in the post-golden era, which includes the fluid and blurry lines between mainstream and indie labels, and how hip-hop

13 Abstract After trying to ignore the Balkans after the Cold War, the United States led NATO military interventions there at the height of the unipolar moment in 1995 (Bosnia)

How do migration intermediaries contribute to structuring the mobility of highly educated individuals, and how do the practices of these intermediaries construct

Table 2 presents the level of competitiveness as to core resources and attractors (physiography and climate), with composite mean of 3.65 verbally interpreted as highly

incomes due to the deluge of imported rice, negligible milled rice price decreases for consumers, rising rice prices globally, and in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic that

Review the Self-Survey Report and supporting materials and email any additional request for materials to the Survey Team Chair who will consolidate the same1. Survey Team and