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Among occupation groups, workers in elementary occupations made up the largest percentage of employed persons as they comprised 27.7 percent of the 41.67 million total

The country’s PPI for livestock and poultry continued its downward movement as its annual hike decelerated further to 13.1 percent in the fourth quarter of 2021, from

Production of carabao mango from 2012 to 2016 grew annually at an average rate of 1.4 percent, area planted by 0.1 percent, and number of bearing trees by 2.8 percent.. This was

The October 2019 Labor Force Participation Rate of youth (15-24 years old) in the country was estimated at 37.0 percent given the total youth population of 19.9 million.. In

• Agriculture, forestry and fishing sector continued its reduction in employment at -1.5 percent as the separation rate at 5.8 percent surpassed the accession rate of 4.3 percent..

The hiring rate and termination rate for the industry sector were very close at 6.69 percent and 6.26 percent, respectively, which resulted to a 0.43 percent labor turnover

Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing sector posted a labor turnover rate of 1.92 percent wherein accession and separation of workers were recorded at 5.75 percent and 3.83

Labor Force Participation Rate - proportion in percent of the total number of persons in the labor force to the total population 15 years old and over. .Underemployment Rate

The country’s labor force in 2012 increased to 40.43 million by an average yearly growth rate of 2.4 percent.. It inched up by an average of 0.2 percent during the five year period

The lowest male unemployment rate in 2012 was registered in ARMM at 2.4 percent and it had the biggest growth rate averaging 20.4 percent per year.. In Cagayan Valley,

The national saving rate constrains the possibility of better and higher level of investments, for it reduces the capacity of the country to take in additional inflows of

The Ramos economic project promised, among others, high growth, a leveling of the playing field (the market), a leaner, cleaner and more efficient bureaucracy, an exit from

However, its average annual growth rate was posted at 5.6 percent, lower than the 7.2 percent reported for urban part-time workers.. Likewise, this group posted an average annual

The labor force participation rate (LFPR) fell by 0.7 percentage point in January to 65.7

• The value of mudcrab production during the quarter was recorded at PhP 1.90 billion at current prices which indicates a slight increase of 0.3 percent compared with

If the condition of the air (the temperature and relative humidity) within the dryer is constant, the water is evaporated at a constant rate.. This is shown

The Labor Turnover Survey (LTS) aims to generate quarterly data on labor turnover (accession and separation rates) as useful indicators of labor market activity in large business

The indicators generated from the MISSI are Value of Production Index (VaPI), Volume of Production Index (VoPI), Value of Net Sales Index (VaNSI), Volume of Net Sales Index

Enterprises engaged in wholesale and retail trade recorded the highest separation rate (20.76%) followed by construction (13.59%).. Medium and large enterprises with 50 or

The 2004 Vital Statistics report on deaths provides information on the number and percent distribution of deaths recorded, the place and month of occurence, crude death rate,

During the period covered in this report, the highest rate of increase of farmgate price of cattle for slaughter in commercial farms was observed in 2016 with 10.8

The overall response rate at the national level was 90.7 percent. For establishments with total employment of less than 20, the response rate was 91.1 percent while that

3.9 Comparison between exact (solid line) and approximate (dashed line) phase PDF of the κ-µ fading