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Academic year: 2022

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prepared edible fats; animal or vegetable waxes commodity group led import of agricultural commodities from ASEAN member countries.. The top three imported agricultural goods

The Bureau of Agricultural Statistics (BAS) generates production statistics for cereals, fruit crops, vegetables and rootcrops, and industrial and non-food crops.. Probability

By region, Central Visayas (Region VII) recorded the highest quantity of traded commodities with 3.69 million tons or 22.8 percent share to the total in 2020... Domestic

Featured in this issue is the 2020 Annual Poverty Indicators Survey (APIS) result which reveals the level of sanitation, accessibility of hand washing facility, and adequacy

Featured in this issue is the fisheries situation in the Philippines covering the period of July to September 2020. It presents the total volume of fisheries production and its

Residential accounted for 20.0 million square meters or almost half (48.1%) of the total floor area of constructions in 2019, which dropped at an annual rate

It presents the estimated employment, unemployment, and labor force participation rate of the population 15 years and over covering the period of April to June

By region, Northern Mindanao posted the highest inflow value of PhP 36.38 billion or 29.0 percent share to total inflow value of domestic trade in the first quarter of 2020.. Page 5

The annual volume of commercial fisheries production was registered at 940.00 thousand metric tons, lower by 0.7 percent than the 946.44 thousand metric tons output in

The October 2019 Labor Force Participation Rate of youth (15-24 years old) in the country was estimated at 37.0 percent given the total youth population of 19.9 million.. In

An ETF company issues its shares in blocks called “Creation Units” in exchange for a basket of securities comprising the index it wishes to track. Creation is normally done

Health spending financed through government schemes and compulsory contributory health care financing schemes was at PhP 260.6 billion or 34.0 percent of CHE. Voluntary health

1. The total earnings of the country for the first semester of 2006 amounted to US$22,736.95 million. Compared to last year’s earnings, the 2006 first semester agricultural

• Crude and refined coconut oil remained the country's top export earner in 2011 having shared 26.24% (US$ 1,425.45 million) in total agricultural export earnings.. Other major

Except for coffee and desiccated coconut, Philippine export prices of major agricultural ex.. ports Increased from the previous year's levels, rangino from 2.5% (shrimps and prawns)

It includes the volume and value of exports and imports of selected agricultural crops, share of agriculture in total foreign trade as well as the share of Philippine

It includes the volume and value of exports and imports of selected agricultural crops, share of agriculture in total foreign trade as well as the share of Philippine

The earnings from fresh banana exports accounted for an increased share of 17.15 percent in the total agricultural export revenues.. Its exports value went up to PhP 10.26 billion

It also accounts for the contribution of the agricultural products in the country’s foreign trade and the share of selected agricultural commodities in the world export

Selected drought-tolerant papaya trees had significantly higher fruit weight, fruit length, fruit width, peel weight, peel thickness, flesh thickness, and seed weight than

The share in Gross Value of Output (GVO) is the percent contribution of the commodities highlighted in the Performance Report to the total agricultural output

of inland wetlands prepared.. with

Results of Paper V suggest that strong teleconnections between land-use changes in agricultural export nations and global market demand increase the risk for policy leakage