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2009 Survey of Tourism Establishments in the Philippines (STEP)


Academic year: 2022

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This publication contains the economy-wide final results of the 2014 Survey of Tourism Establishments in the Philippines (STEP) covering major tourism industries namely:

Number of Establishments and Secondary Activities Operated, Owned Within the Premises for Transport Operators, Tour and Travel Agencies Establishments with Total Employment

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The Government of India has initiated several policies and initiatives for the transportation sector with the objective of enhancing passenger mobility, improving logistics of

The Passenger Air Tariff is published by IATA for the travel industry and contains detailed information on industry information that is required for construct regular

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Quantity, Value and Freight Revenue of Coastwise Trade by Origin and Commodity, and by Cargo Loaded/Unloaded: 2003 (IVb-MIMAROPA) -- continued (Quantity in Kilograms; Value and

Quantity, Value and Freight Revenue of Coastwise Trade by Origin and Commodity, and by Cargo Loaded/Unloaded: 2004 (Region IVb) -- continued (Quantity in Kilograms; Value and

This publication provides on regional commodity flow by mode of transport particularly on the quantity and value of coastwise and air trade by commodity, port of origin

Commodity Flow from the National Capital Region by Mode of Transport and by Commodity Section: 2008 and 2009 TABLE D Total Value of Domestic Trade Balances in the Philippines. by

TABLE 6b.2 Number of Establishments and Capital Expenditures for Tangible Fixed Assets by Mode of Acquisition for Electricity, Gas, Steam and Air Conditioning Supply

• Expand/modernize priority airports (international gateways and secondary airports) in support of air cargo logistics and tourism. • Install navigational equipment in

16 mass transit trunk-feeder routes Linking areas of highest demand Creating network of transit routes Strong interchange between

BUGO (4) Fare, Perception, Comfort and Travel Distance CENTRO IPONAN (3) Comfort, Travel Distance and Fare. XAVIER HEIGHTS (4) Age of Passengers, Perception, Travel Distance

Nanjing South Railway Station (NKH), Hangzhou East Railway Station (HGH rail ), Suzhou Railway Station (SZH), Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station (AOH), Tianjin Railway Station

Capacity models that are designed to simulate passenger and freight movements in a given corridor within a network are often used by host railroads and passenger service oper- ators

The following three additional subsections, which are not dependent on mode, are also included: (1) a discussion of general methods for emis- sion calculations, (2) an evaluation

The scope of this research project was very broad and covered funding and financing needs and mechanisms relating to capital, operations, and maintenance of freight rail projects and

2.5.2 Non-Amtrak Passenger Rail Service Operators and Agencies Commuter rail services, whether operated under contract by Amtrak or not, have to make their own liability and

Prototype development of fishing and passenger vessels for bay/river and open sea Develop Local Maritime Transportation Simulation Models. Assess inter-connectivity of freight and