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Central Visayas led in terms of quantity of traded commodities By region, Central Visayas (Region VII) recorded the highest quantity of traded commodities with 7.06 million tons

Male recipients comprised 64 to 69 percent of the farmer-beneficiaries in Ilocos Region, Cagayan Valley, Central Luzon, MIMAROPA, Western and Eastern Visayas, Zamboanga Peninsula,

The bulk of palay produced in 2009 came from Central Luzon, Western Visayas, Cagayan Valley and Ilocos Region with a combined output of 8.44 million mt or 52 percent of the

Among the province, the highest duck egg producing in 2020 was recorded in Bulacan with 12.64 thousand metric tons or about 25.0 percent of the total duck egg production. in the

• Ilocos Region recorded the biggest production at 28.18 thousand metric tons and shared 39.0 percent to the country’s total tomato output. Central Luzon came next with

 Although production in Ilocos Region slightly drop by 0.1 percent during the period, this region recorded the biggest output of 738.38 thousand mt or a share of

Region II (Cagayan Valley) ranked second with 4.11 thousand mt or 10.57 percent share and Region XI (Davao Region) with 2.87 thousand mt or 7.36 percent share to total eggplant

The highest annual average inflation remained in Region VII (Central Visayas) at 4.7 percent while the lowest was still noted in Region I (Ilocos) at 2.3 percent.. By

Featured in this issue is the 2020 Annual Poverty Indicators Survey (APIS) result which reveals the level of sanitation, accessibility of hand washing facility, and adequacy

Featured in this issue is the fisheries situation in the Philippines covering the period of July to September 2020. It presents the total volume of fisheries production and its

Residential accounted for 20.0 million square meters or almost half (48.1%) of the total floor area of constructions in 2019, which dropped at an annual rate

It presents the estimated employment, unemployment, and labor force participation rate of the population 15 years and over covering the period of April to June

Agricultural export of edible fruit and nuts; peel of citrus fruit melons commodity group accounts for the largest share to total agricultural export The total

By region, Northern Mindanao posted the highest inflow value of PhP 36.38 billion or 29.0 percent share to total inflow value of domestic trade in the first quarter of 2020.. Page 5

The annual volume of commercial fisheries production was registered at 940.00 thousand metric tons, lower by 0.7 percent than the 946.44 thousand metric tons output in

Labor force counts were also higher in Ilocos Region, Bicol Region, Western Visayas, Central Visayas, Northern Mindanao and Davao Region ranging from 2.11 million

More male labor force ranging from 1.15 million to 2.04 million were reported in Ilocos Region, Bicol Region, Western and Central Visayas, Northern Mindanao, Davao

By  region,  Western  Visayas  reported  the  highest  number  of  visibly  underemployed  persons  at  0.53  million  in  2009  with 

• The regions with significant share to the total volume with combined output of 76.40 percent were Western Visayas, CALABARZON, Bicol Region, MIMAROPA Region,

- Central Visayas Cebu Provincial Planning Development Office Bohol Provincial Planning Development Office Negros Oriental Provincial Planning Development Office..

This chapter presents regional and provincial data, where available, on the number of establishments by major industry division, the number, floor area and value

Data on trade reflect the extent of the inward and outward flow of commodities in an area. The data likewise indicate the commodities that go into the export and import markets or

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