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February 2013


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The 2010 Annual Survey of Philippine Business and Industry (ASPBI) is a continuing activity of the National Statistics Office (NSO) which aims to provide key measures on the

The National Statistics Office (NSO), the primary statistical arm of the government, is now in the process of completing the rebasing of the Consumer Price Index

The FLEMMS 2019 is a nationwide household-based survey and one of the designated statistical activities of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) by virtue of

Wan et al showed that tacrolimus permeability in the psoriatic skin was enhanced when combined with niacinamide due to the latter exhibiting moisturizing effects which would

24 With this approach in mind, Lenin asked, "Why could not we first create such prerequisites of civilization in our country as the expulsion of the landowners and

As for PKP’s software, an early result of the project was the creation and 2001 release of Open Journal Systems (OJS) 1.0, a free, open source journal publication management

Accordingly, Article 27 of the Convention guides States parties in the implementation of such right by setting forth some basic rules: (a) non-discrimination, as the persons

And, going further still, Holmes posited certain ideas about the process of legal decision making—in particular about the effect of past decisions and anticipated future decisions

‘wouldn’t have found on their own’. This ‘browsability’ was more recently termed by Mark Forsyth as ‘the unknown unknown’, in a specially commissioned Books Are My

13 Abstract After trying to ignore the Balkans after the Cold War, the United States led NATO military interventions there at the height of the unipolar moment in 1995 (Bosnia)

This edition of the Philippine Statistical Yearbook (PSY) features the System of Designated Statistics (SDS), one of the statistical coordination mechanisms the NSCB is implementing

NATIONAL STATISTICAL COORDINATION BOARD Report on the 23nd NSM (October 2012).. Report on the 23 rd National Statistics Month

It includes computer and peripheral equipment, systems and application software, network channels, telecommunication equipment, routers, satellite and other ICT hardware used in

In October 2012, the Philippine Statistical System (PSS), spearheaded by the National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB), will celebrate the 23rd National Statistics Month

Data collection: The survey is conducted in coordination with the National Statistics Office (NSO). NSO data collectors/enumerators personally deliver and retrieve the

Source of basic data: National Statistics Office (NSO), Labor Force Survey (LFS) / Public Use Files (PUF). Source of basic data: National Statistics Office (NSO), Labor Force

Series The 2007 Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS) is the fourth MICS-type survey carried out in the Philippines conducted by the National Statistics Office (NSO) designed by

The 2006 CPBI for Agriculture, Hunting and Forestry sector aims to collect information on employment, compensation, revenue, costs, fixed assets, capital expenditures and

Department : NATIONAL ECONOMIC AND DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY (NEDA) Agency ; PHILIPPINE STATISTICS AUTHORITY - NSO (PSA-NSO) Operating Unit : Central Office. Organizational Code : 24

Thus, the National Statistics Office (NSO), National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB), Bureau of Agricultural Statistics (BAS) and Bureau of Labor and Employment

Authority – Regional Statistical Services Office VIII (PSA – RSSO 8) attended the Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS) Virtual Briefing on 24 February

But the immediate burden was on Cuba and Puerto Rico to win their revolution decisively, and from this position of strength, deny the United States the ease of grabbing them, for

• Ensure power supply reliability since power plant outages reduce the available capacity; drive for more effective. coordination / synchronization of maintenance to minimize