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Republic of the Philippines


Academic year: 2022

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Of the total volume of rice stocks, 51.9 percent comprised the household stocks, 44.6 percent were held by commercial warehouses and the remaining 3.5 percent were kept in

Export receipts totaled to $44.147 billion or 84.7 percent of the total exports while import payments summed up to $48.710 billion or 78.4 percent share of the total imports

Among industry groups, mining of non-ferrous metal ores recorded the highest number of establishments with 52 or 38.5 percent of the total, followed closely by quarrying of

Electric power generation, transmission and distribution recorded 259 establishments or 97.7 percent of the total while the 6 remaining establishments or 2.3 percent of the

1.1 The main goal of the National Security Strategy of the Republic of Armenia is to establish guidelines for ensuring the secure and forward-looking development and well-being

There is a need to assess the content of published local literature on complementary and alternative medicine in dermatology in the Journal of the Philippine Dermatological

Abstract: The audiovisual industry, in particular the European market, lies behind in terms of evolution of financial dynamics, as well as organization and management of the

24 With this approach in mind, Lenin asked, "Why could not we first create such prerequisites of civilization in our country as the expulsion of the landowners and

This book recognizes that they impose five fundamental energy management change drivers: (1) the growing demand for electricity, (2) the emergence of renewable energy resources, (3)

In the offshore region, annual mass loadings of petroleum from natural oil and gas seeps were estimated to be 70,000 tonnes (77,162 tons) each for the northwestern and

1 By ‘digitalization’, we mean the transformation of processes, organizational settings, and project delivery methods that need to be coupled with the adoption of digital

‘wouldn’t have found on their own’. This ‘browsability’ was more recently termed by Mark Forsyth as ‘the unknown unknown’, in a specially commissioned Books Are My

TABLE 5 - Percent Distribution of Employer's Social Security Expenditures in Non-Agricultural Establishments Employing 20 and Over by Industry Group and Sub-Cost Component,

FIGURE 4 Percent Distribution of All Establishments with Expansion and Renovation Plans within Five Years by Tourism Characteristic Industry: Philippines, 2014. Tourism

1/ - includes Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Chile, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Papua New

Table 10 Annual Cost of Workers' Housing Shouldered by Employers Per Employee in Non-Agricultural Establishments Employing 20 or More Workers by Industry Group and

TABLE 4 - Percent Distribution of Cost of Workers' Housing Shouldered by Employer in Non-Agricultural Establishments Employing 20 and Over by Industry Group and

• Unloading of indian mackerel by municipal fishing boats shared about 60 percent of the total production while the remaining 40 percent was unloaded by commercial

Valuation is at producer prices (ex-establishment) net of discounts and allowances, including duties and taxes but excluding subsidies... GROSS

Selected Statistics and Percent Share of Industry Groups to Total for Agricu"ure, Forestry and Fishing Establishments: Philippines, 2018 CPBI. Selected Indicators

The overall response rate at the national level was 90.7 percent. For establishments with total employment of less than 20, the response rate was 91.1 percent while that

◦ Their government-owned power generation, transmission, and/or distribution companies are subsidized, absorb costs, and/or incur losses... Historical Fuel

approval and signing of contracts of lease , with the University as lessor , of real property with an area not exceeding one ( 1 ) hectare; provided , that no such lease shall last