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January-December 2020


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About 71.19 percent of the total duck population were raised in backyard farms while 28.81 percent were grown in commercial farms... DUCK EGG: Monthly Average Farmgate and

• Ilocos Region recorded the biggest production at 28.18 thousand metric tons and shared 39.0 percent to the country’s total tomato output. Central Luzon came next with

 Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) remained the largest producer with 39.8 thousand metric tons representing 79.0 percent of the total cabbage

o decrease in area harvested in Davao Oriental due to effect of dry spell.  Eastern Visayas, the top producer recorded production of 48.96 thousand metric tons and shared 36.6

By region, Central Visayas (Region VII) recorded the highest quantity of traded commodities with 3.69 million tons or 22.8 percent share to the total in 2020... Domestic

In 2020, deaths due to ischaemic heart diseases were the leading cause of death with 99.68 thousand cases or 17.3 percent of the total deaths in the country.. Cerebrovascular

The annual volume of commercial fisheries production was registered at 940.00 thousand metric tons, lower by 0.7 percent than the 946.44 thousand metric tons output in

Total corn output for 2004 was recorded at a high of 5.4 million metric tons, up by 17.3 percent from last year’s crop production of 4.6 million metric tons.. The continuous

Growth Rates of Duck Inventory in all Farms by Region, Philippines, as of 1 January 2016-2020 (in percent) Region2020 Level (Birds)..

Meanwhile, increasing duck egg production was sustained during the five year period and posted average yearly gain of 3.0 percent (Table

™ For the period, January to June 2011, total cattle production was 123.34 thousand metric tons. It was 0.40 percent higher than the production of 122.84 thousand metric tons

Since the total cost of illness increases remarkably due to the indirect cost, and the indirect cost increases signifi cantly in proportion to the overall work impairment,

Table 5.  Similarly, native egg production increased by 3.64 percent relative to its level on the same period in 2014.  Collectively, the chicken egg production in Luzon

Growth Rates of Average Farmgate Prices of Crops First Quarter 2018 to Fourth Quarter 2020; January to December 2018 to 2020 (in percent) Source: Philippine Statistics

• Northern Mindanao was the top pineapple producer at 448.70 thousand metric tons contributing 64.2 percent to the country’s total pineapple production and followed by

Northern Mindanao remained the top pineapple producer with 382.68 thousand metric tons output or 57.2 percent share to the total production this quarter. This was followed

1/ - includes Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Chile, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Papua New

Table 2 presents the level of competitiveness as to core resources and attractors (physiography and climate), with composite mean of 3.65 verbally interpreted as highly

Misamis Occidental, the top producing province, recorded drop in production by 0.91 percent due to lesser fishing days in January as a result of ITCZ and lesser appearance of

Production in Rizal grew by 4.57 percent due to increase in area harvested in response to the higher great demand for freshwater species because of fish scare.. Production in

It was 0.69 percent lower than the previous year’s production of 143.03 thousand metric tons..  Carabao production recorded negative growth for the first three quarters

Marine municipal fisheries production was estimated at 38,990 metric tons in 2020 which contributed 58.54 percent to the region’s total production.. Volume of

Corn Production by Type and by Province, Eastern Visayas: 2015-2019 (in Metric Tons).. 2020 STATISTICS ON AGRICULTURE,