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RP’s biggest export to the US consisted of Electronic Products valued at $4.831 billion or 55.6 percent of the country’s total exports.. The Articles of Apparel and Clothing

Major imports from Singapore, on the other hand, consisted of Electronics Components valued at $1.179 billion and Industrial Machinery and Equipment worth $152.39 million. Two-way

Major imports from Singapore, on the other hand, consisted of Electronics Components valued at $1.179 billion and Industrial Machinery and Equipment worth $152.39 million..

The bulk of imported goods bought from Japan consisted of Electronics and Components valued at $1.032 billion (16.8 percent) and Materials/Accessories Imported on Consignment

The gain in the area fertilized in white com farms was biggest in Eastern Visayas at 30.7 percent and CARAGA at 29.0 percent On the other hand, about 68.3 percent expansion was

This study focuses on assessing the attitudes of HCPs to- wards patients affected with leprosy as a contribution in the public health program or patient care by

Evaluating the Persian versions of two psoriatic arthritis screening questionnaires early arthritis for psoriatic patients questionnaire (EARP) and psoriasis epidemiology

Wan et al showed that tacrolimus permeability in the psoriatic skin was enhanced when combined with niacinamide due to the latter exhibiting moisturizing effects which would

There is a need to assess the content of published local literature on complementary and alternative medicine in dermatology in the Journal of the Philippine Dermatological

24 With this approach in mind, Lenin asked, "Why could not we first create such prerequisites of civilization in our country as the expulsion of the landowners and

However, we use the fact that work on fungal infections in the twentieth century, as demonstrated by the work of the International Society for Human and Animal Mycology (ISHAM),

Governments were encouraged, including by bodies like the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), to make wages more variable, remove restrictions on hours

evabmacugay @yahoo.com.. Discuss the academic preparation of teacher profession in basic education. Enumerate the components of teacher preparation.. 3. Discuss the

• More generally, this knowledge makes it possible to find out what happens to the area of a square no matter how the length of its sides is changed, and conversely, how any change

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and South Korea’s Disaster and Safety Management (DSM) in terms of mandate, organizational structure, resources, and technical capacity

The Australian Red Cross, both in Port Moresby and in Australia, played an important backup role to the administration during the relief phase at Mount Lamington but much less so

Accordingly, Article 27 of the Convention guides States parties in the implementation of such right by setting forth some basic rules: (a) non-discrimination, as the persons

In the offshore region, annual mass loadings of petroleum from natural oil and gas seeps were estimated to be 70,000 tonnes (77,162 tons) each for the northwestern and

1 By ‘digitalization’, we mean the transformation of processes, organizational settings, and project delivery methods that need to be coupled with the adoption of digital

Concentrations of CPYO in surface waters are smaller than those of CPY and less frequently detected (Williams et al. Risks for CPYO in aquatic organisms were found to be de

RP’s biggest import from the United States, on the other hand, consisted of Electronics Components valued at $2.755 billion or 51.8 percent of the country’s total imports from US,

If the office in which the record is kept is in a foreign country which is a contracting party to a treaty or convention to which the Philippines is also a party or

The People’s Republic of China was the country’s biggest supplier of imported goods valued at USD 13.33 billion or 24.7 percent of the total imports in the first semester of