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• By tradition , the President of the University is always followed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs , then , by the Vice President for Planning and Finance , the

Mongo: Top Producing Regions, Philippines, July-September 2013 Table 11.Multiplier Onion: Volume of production in metric tons by region, Philippines,.. January-June and

By region, Central Visayas (Region VII) recorded the highest quantity of traded commodities with 3.69 million tons or 22.8 percent share to the total in 2020... Domestic

In 2020, deaths due to ischaemic heart diseases were the leading cause of death with 99.68 thousand cases or 17.3 percent of the total deaths in the country.. Cerebrovascular

Featured in this issue is the 2020 Annual Poverty Indicators Survey (APIS) result which reveals the level of sanitation, accessibility of hand washing facility, and adequacy

Residential accounted for 20.0 million square meters or almost half (48.1%) of the total floor area of constructions in 2019, which dropped at an annual rate

It presents the estimated employment, unemployment, and labor force participation rate of the population 15 years and over covering the period of April to June

Agricultural export of edible fruit and nuts; peel of citrus fruit melons commodity group accounts for the largest share to total agricultural export The total

By region, Northern Mindanao posted the highest inflow value of PhP 36.38 billion or 29.0 percent share to total inflow value of domestic trade in the first quarter of 2020.. Page 5

The annual volume of commercial fisheries production was registered at 940.00 thousand metric tons, lower by 0.7 percent than the 946.44 thousand metric tons output in

The October 2019 Labor Force Participation Rate of youth (15-24 years old) in the country was estimated at 37.0 percent given the total youth population of 19.9 million.. In

Growth Rates of Volume of Fisheries Production by Subsector, Philippines, 2016-2020 (in percent)... Onion registered the biggest production growth with an average of 19.0

There is a need to assess the content of published local literature on complementary and alternative medicine in dermatology in the Journal of the Philippine Dermatological

We tested this hypothesis at two locations in the Philippines, inhabited by the Philippine Crocodile (Crocodylus mindorensis) in Paghungawan Marsh in Siargao

Since the total cost of illness increases remarkably due to the indirect cost, and the indirect cost increases signifi cantly in proportion to the overall work impairment,

This book recognizes that they impose five fundamental energy management change drivers: (1) the growing demand for electricity, (2) the emergence of renewable energy resources, (3)

We synthesise our fi ndings to conclude that, in undertaking these enormous challenges, architects in socialist Estonia (as well as Latvia and Lithuania) can be considered visionary

13 Abstract After trying to ignore the Balkans after the Cold War, the United States led NATO military interventions there at the height of the unipolar moment in 1995 (Bosnia)

The regional statistical tables include data on volume and value of production at constant 2018 prices and current prices, percent distribution of value of production,

This Fisheries Situation Report for Major Species presents the data on volume and value of production and farmgate price of fisheries for January to December 2021.. It

 Production of indo-pacific mackerel from commercial fisheries at 2,628.61 metric tons exhibited similar trend as it recorded another output decline at 12.68 percent

The total volume of fisheries production increased by 3.49 percent during the first quarter of 2009 over the same quarter in 2008. All fisheries sectors outdid their 2008

Marine municipal fisheries production was estimated at 38,990 metric tons in 2020 which contributed 58.54 percent to the region’s total production.. Volume of