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2 Volume of Fish Production by Sector, Philippines, 2013 - 2015 17 3 Value of Fish Production by Sector, Philippines, 2013 - 2015 17 4 Percent Contribution of Fishery Sectors to

Electronic Products were still the country’s major export to APEC – member countries for 2014 with sales valued at $22.173 billion or 42.0 percent share of the total APEC

Electronic Products were still the country’s major export to APEC – member countries for 2014 with sales valued at $22.173 billion or 42.0 percent share of the total APEC

Export receipts totaled to $44.147 billion or 84.7 percent of the total exports while import payments summed up to $48.710 billion or 78.4 percent share of the total imports

Among industry groups, mining of non-ferrous metal ores recorded the highest number of establishments with 52 or 38.5 percent of the total, followed closely by quarrying of

Services sector received the largest amount of subsidy equivalent to PhP38.61 billion or 75.5 percent share to total, an increase of 1,204.5 percent from PhP2.96 billion in

By region, Northern Mindanao posted the highest inflow value of PhP 36.38 billion or 29.0 percent share to total inflow value of domestic trade in the first quarter of 2020.. Page 5

It was also lower in Central Luzon which reported 12.4 percent of the region’s total working children aged 5 to 17 years old were engaged in the agriculture

Table 10a.2 Number of Reporting Establishments with Sales from E-commerce Transaction via Network Channels Other than Internet for Establishments under Core ICT Industries

under Core ICT Industries by Industry Group: Philippines, 2015 ………… 17 TABLE 4 Percentage of Establishments with E-Commerce via the Internet.. by Type of Customers and

TABLE 5 Percentage of Establishments with E-Commerce Transaction via Computer Networks Other than the Internet by Type of Transaction for All Establishments by Industry

Objectives: To determine the association of socio-demographic factors, knowledge, beliefs, disease severity, and quality of life to treatment- seeking behavior among acne patients

The first case is a 1-year-old male with a coarse facial appearance and gingival hypertrophy, multiple painful joint contractures, frog leg deformity, and characteristic

Since the total cost of illness increases remarkably due to the indirect cost, and the indirect cost increases signifi cantly in proportion to the overall work impairment,

Abstract We summarize the inspections of radiocesium concentration levels in agricultural, livestock, forest and fishery produced in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan, for 3 years from

Abstract Although most of the radiocesium fallout that deposited in paddy fi elds after the Fukushima nuclear disaster in March 2011 was expected to be bound to clay in the

13 Abstract After trying to ignore the Balkans after the Cold War, the United States led NATO military interventions there at the height of the unipolar moment in 1995 (Bosnia)

People’s Republic of China contributed the highest export value By major trading partner, exports to People’s Republic of China comprised the highest export value amounting to

Charlotte (ship) Journal of a voyage frcnn Boston towards Manila. Gerry who later became her captain. Endi- cott Peabody. John Barry, captain. Bound with: Charlotte

Selected Statistics and Percent Share of Industry Groups to Total for Agricu"ure, Forestry and Fishing Establishments: Philippines, 2018 CPBI. Selected Indicators

programs of the University. For the language requirements, in the GE curriculum operational at the time, students have an option of choosing either Filipino or English communication

For employed women, most were laborers/unskilled workers accounting 30 percent, managers at 20 percent, and services and sales workers at 15 percent.. Generally, the total number

Statistics on the number of establishments, employment, compensation, income, expense, tangible fixed assets, intangible assets, inventories, value added and e-commerce transactions