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30 at 38.. hinder access to the [UNHRC] and to prevent any retaliatory measures against any person who has addressed a communication to the [UNHRC].” 88 It is argued that

o decrease in area harvested in Davao Oriental due to effect of dry spell.  Eastern Visayas, the top producer recorded production of 48.96 thousand metric tons and shared 36.6

o decrease in cultivated area for mongo due to warm weather in Cagayan Valley particularly in Isabela and in mongo producing areas of Bicol region, Eastern Visayas

o The bulk of mongo production came from Ilocos Region, Cagayan Valley, and Central Luzon with share in national production 90 percent (Figure 1).. o Mongo production

Increased production was attributed to crop shifting from garlic, increased area harvested in Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur and bigger bulbs formed due to less bulb rot in the

The Women and Men in the 1I0cos Region: 2008 Statistical Handbook is a product of the National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB) Regional Division I. This publication will be a

In the 2nd scenario, it was assumed that all LTFU from the BPO group have achieved clinical remission with an IGA score of 0-1 (clear/almost clear) and all LTFU of from

Objectives: To determine the association of socio-demographic factors, knowledge, beliefs, disease severity, and quality of life to treatment- seeking behavior among acne patients

Just as Japan was able to solve the past environmental and energy problems that accompanied its post-war economic growth , I am confi dent that Japan has what it takes to solve

20.2 A Higher Education Institution (HEI) offering maritime programs shall have a full-time administrator that will administer the.. This administrator can be a Dean,

Psacharopoulos [1981; 1993; 2002 (with Patrinos)] has largely done the compilations of rate of return estimates and a survey of the patterns from the vast 40-year history of

Bound sessions can also be used to authorize actions on other entities, and in that case, the bind entity’s authValue adds entropy to the session key creation, resulting in

2 Greece is no exception to this rule, but see Baldwin-Edwards (2008, pp.. in how shifting gender relations between migrant men and women are embedded in and influenced by kinship

90 6 An Institutional Perspective and Global Education the potential of diverse classrooms to support the development of global educa- tion curriculum as many teachers work

Recently, seedling resistance to Ug99 was mapped in fi ve CIMMYT spring wheat cultivars and one US winter wheat cultivar (Lopez-Vera et al.. In all six popu- lations the

In contrast, conflicts and related legal questions that invite complex applicant and defendant configurations are typically characterized by a high level of political rele- vance

And, going further still, Holmes posited certain ideas about the process of legal decision making—in particular about the effect of past decisions and anticipated future decisions

13 Abstract After trying to ignore the Balkans after the Cold War, the United States led NATO military interventions there at the height of the unipolar moment in 1995 (Bosnia)

incomes due to the deluge of imported rice, negligible milled rice price decreases for consumers, rising rice prices globally, and in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic that

12 National Statistical Coordination Board. Women and Men in the Philippines Statistical Handbook. 13 National Statistical Coordination Board. 14 National Statistical

 While the situation in Ilocos Region caused a huge decrease in the total tobacco production, there was a remarkable increase in Other (Burley) in the province of Isabela which

programs of the University. For the language requirements, in the GE curriculum operational at the time, students have an option of choosing either Filipino or English communication

• Ensure power supply reliability since power plant outages reduce the available capacity; drive for more effective. coordination / synchronization of maintenance to minimize