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It shall be composed of the PSA Board and offices on sectoral statistics, censuses and technical coordination, civil registration and central support and field statistical

Since this logic operates through interconnections that may benefit both the economic and military realm, infrastructure-strategic assets are often characterized as “dual use.” Most

Evaluating the Persian versions of two psoriatic arthritis screening questionnaires early arthritis for psoriatic patients questionnaire (EARP) and psoriasis epidemiology

In an account of women alluvial and small-scale miners in PNG, Crispin highlighted the vital source of income that mining provides for many rural-based communities, arguing

24 With this approach in mind, Lenin asked, "Why could not we first create such prerequisites of civilization in our country as the expulsion of the landowners and

In this chapter, we outline the activities performed in an attempt to monitor, measure, or estimate the personal radiation doses of the residents, based mainly on the informa-

Accordingly, Article 27 of the Convention guides States parties in the implementation of such right by setting forth some basic rules: (a) non-discrimination, as the persons

6.9 Carbon stocks in the organic layer (a), as well as in the mineral soil down to a depth of 30 cm (b) and in depth increment 30 – 90 cm (c) under pure coniferous and broadleaf

We synthesise our fi ndings to conclude that, in undertaking these enormous challenges, architects in socialist Estonia (as well as Latvia and Lithuania) can be considered visionary

In the offshore region, annual mass loadings of petroleum from natural oil and gas seeps were estimated to be 70,000 tonnes (77,162 tons) each for the northwestern and

The priority objectives and key result areas of the Action Plan are to improve STI case management, expand access to STI care, eliminate congenital syphilis, reduce

Therefore, to reach the impact targets of reducing the TB prevalence and mortality by one half by 2010, The Strategic Plan to Stop TB in the Western Pacific 2006–2010 emphasizes,

*The conference paper is based on the ARTA Evaluation Study conducted under the National Economic and Development Authority - United Nations Development Programme Strategic

# of unique individual patients who sought health services through telemedicine per healthcare provider (disaggregation: individual health facility vs individual physician; daily

Blank CD/DVD (RW) w/ case Blank CD/DVD with case pcs. NCR) Hotel Accommodation (Regional Directors for 16 only, excl.-. Corrugated Box Corrugated

To plan and craft policies, guidelines and standard operating procedures, and Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) plans related to the COVID-19 vaccine deployment and

• Chapter RMs contain indicators to guide implementing agencies in their planning, programming, and budgeting tasks, as well as enable the monitoring and evaluation of

Agribusiness Production & processing of high value crops like mangoes, bananas, nuts, coffee, cacao, coconut, & other resource-based industries. Shipbuilding &

Addressing Citrus Greening Disease (Huanglongbing). In developing a strategic plan, the committee was charged to examine: 1) the current citrus disease situation in Florida and the

However, most of the DOTs developing strategic plans have employed components of what has become the “con- ventional” strategic planning process; that is, clarification of mission

11.1 A9 Provide a mechanism for notifying highway agencies of roadway conditions that present a potential problem to motorcyclists (E) 11.1 B Reduce the number of 11.1 B1

When considering the expected effectiveness of centerline rumble strips in reducing head-on crashes at horizontal curves, similar issues to those discussed in Strategy 15.2 A4 should

The strategies cover setting appropriate speed limits, improving driver awareness of speeding-related safety concerns, improving enforcement efforts, communicating appropriate