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Local knowledge and safety at sea Initiate process to improve or establish


I. Existing Programs

6. Local knowledge and safety at sea Initiate process to improve or establish

systems for registration of boats in Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.

The importance of trying to improve ways of register boats discussed with the countries, and MCS workshop organized.

95 The Thirtieth Meeting of the SEAFDEC Program Committee, 26-28 November

Appendix 1 of Annex 5 SEAFDEC-Sida cooperation for extension, year 2007

Status of actions and results so far: End of November 2007 (funds arrived end of March) 1. Promote Regional Fisheries Management Body

Status of Action Result

1. Regional Consultations on common ASEAN-SEAFDEC approaches to mitigate problems within the fishing sector (promoting steps towards a regional fisheries management mechanism)

ASEAN has been consulted and brainstorming on RFMM is being planned based on the

endorsement and will be held 6 to 8 November 2007

- Idea presented and approved by ASWGFi in May 2007 and ASEAN SOM-AMAF in August and Oct/Nov 2007

- Working group for the planning of the RFMM event established

- RFMM event planned for November 6 – 8, 2007 - With Thai DOF as a host a roadmap meeting is

now scheduled for middle of January 2008 Regional Consultation and Workshop on the

Concept and of the Establishment of an ASEAN Fisheries Development and Management Mechanism , held in Bangkok, 6 – 8 November 2007

Clear recommendation in that SEAFDEC should continue to take a lead, together with DOF, Thailand. Conceptual points for consideration identified together with recommendations on scope and focus to be applied in the continued process.

Result to be presented to ASEAN and ASWGFi Participation in a Regional Workshop to Support

the Implementation of the Regional Plan of Action (RPOA) to Promote Responsible Fishing Practices including Combating IUU Fishing in the Region , 13 – 15 November 2007, Bangkok (see report from meeting)

The results and recommendations from the RFMM process presented and it was agreed that SEAFDEC and the SEAFDEC-Sida Project should work together in the development of the RPOA (see report from meeting)

96 Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center

Preparations under way for an ASEAN-

SEAFDEC consultation on the ASEAN Roadmap for the Integration of the Fisheries Sector

Prospectus developed for a meeting to be held 15 – 18 January 2008

Participation in an exploratory expert Japanese Trust Fund meetings on the benefits of a “regional scientific advisory committee”, in June and October 2007 in Bangkok

The first meeting could not come up with directions or clear paths were to move. As confirmed during the second meeting what seems to be taking shape is more of an “internal” SEAFDEC project supporting mechanism. Importantly, it was, during both meetings, made very clear that this was distinctly different from the RFMM process in cooperation with ASEAN.

2. Recommendation on results from project activities to ASEAN and ASEAN-SEAFDEC Member Countries and to policy making mechanisms

Inputs provided to SEAFDEC Council, ASWGFi and SOM-AMAF on project results leading to the promotion of integration of fisheries management into habitat management with a focus on trans- boundary areas such as the Gulf of Thailand, the Andaman Sea , the Sulu Sulawesi Seas, the Mekong, etc as well as recommendation for the facilitation of a process leading towards the establishment of a regional fisheries management body or mechanism (RFMB/RFMM)

- Suggestion to “move towards long-term

establishment of a regional fisheries management mechanism” stated by the SEAFDEC Council in Siem Reap,

4 – 6 April 2007

- Further approved by the ASWGFi in May 2007 - Endorsed by the Preparatory SOM-AMAF in

July/August 2007

- Further endorsed by the SOM-AMAF in October 2007. During this event an agreement on the establishment of an “ASEAN-SEAFDEC Strategic Partnership” (ASSP) were also signed.

On request from Thai DOF providing advise to a Strategy Development Process for the Thai DOF and to the initiation of the establishment of a coastal management network for Thailand (August 2007, Nakornnayok Province)

- Draft strategy being developed

- Early draft for a coastal management network indicated

97 The Thirtieth Meeting of the SEAFDEC Program Committee, 26-28 November

3. National legislation and institutional arrangements pertaining to management of the exploitation of fisheries and critical habitats

Process ongoing to collect information and references

References starting to build up

Support being provided to the CBNRM-LI in Cambodia to prepare a document for the ICSF symposium on “asserting rights” in Siem Reap, 3 - 8 May 2007

Study on “Asserting Rights, Defining

Responsibilities: Small-scale Fishing Communities and Fisheries Management Perspective in Asia”

prepared and presented by the CBNRM-LI at the Symposium

Participation in the ICSF on “asserting rights”, Siem Reap, 3 – 8 May 2007

Active inputs were, including a plenary

presentation, provided on experiences gained to the ICSF meeting. Participants from governments and NGO’s of Southeast and South Asia. The meeting itself provide through participants and presentations important inputs to upcoming processes. A Siem Reap Statement were formulated among NGO’s 4. Review of selected international

fisheries conventions and other

conventions with a view to how they are implemented in ASEAN-SEAFDEC Member Countries

Process ongoing to collect information and references

References starting to build up and a matrix on conventions ratified by ASEAN member countries available

Participation in the ASEAN-SEAFDEC RTC on

“Trade and Environment”, Chiang Mai, 5 – 7 Feb 2007

Discussions, information and some consensus were reached on with reference to the CITES and the UN Fish Stock Agreement

Participation in the ICSF on “asserting rights”, Siem Reap, May 2007

The meeting provided reference and inputs on importance of key conventions, such as the UNCLOS, The ILO convention on “work in fisheries” and conventions related to human rights in the management of fisheries and in protection of rights of coastal communities and fish-workers

98 Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center