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e-ASIA Joint Research Program Call for Proposal – RESEARCH GRANTS ADMINISTRATION OFFICE


Academic year: 2023

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Research can focus on any stage of the infectious disease pathway. ii) Antimicrobial and Multidrug Resistance Research. The burden of cancer in member countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). The Lead PI will be the point of contact with the e-ASIA JRP Secretariat on behalf of the entire consortium and is responsible for the administrative management of the entire project, should it be awarded support.

The Lead PI must be affiliated with an institution located in one of the participating countries in this call. A proposal will be evaluated at each relevant member organization of the project consortium, according to the evaluation criteria explained in the next subsection. Based on the results of the evaluation conducted at each member organization, a final decision will be made at the joint panel meeting among the participating member organizations, followed by approval at the e-ASIA JRP Board meeting.

Project Implementation

Contact information

  • Australia: National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)
  • Cambodia: Ministry of Health (MOH)
  • Indonesia: Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (RISTEKDIKTI)
  • Japan: Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED)

8th joint call for proposals, to be submitted before 14 May 2019 Information on each member organization (alphabetical order by country). Applicants should check the NHMRC website for information:. https://nhmrc.gov.au/funding/fund-collaborative-health-research. Please refer to the Research Help Center web page for hours of operation. Email: help@nhmrc.gov.au.

-kind" basis, as there will be no new or additional support from the Cambodian MOH available. Referring to the guideline/procedure of the KLN program, the Indonesian Principle Investigator (PI) must be from Higher Education Institutions/University, other research institutions can join the project as Co-PI. To get the funding, the proposal must be selected as laureate from the list. with selected proposal/s must contact PIC of Ristekdikti for the submission process.

Indonesian researchers must refer to the guidelines of the KLN (Panduan XII Simlitabmas) to obtain research funding. The amount of funds will be determined through the evaluation process by a reviewer appointed by Ristekdikti. Adhi Indra to Herman/ Mrs. Anggun Amalia Fibriyanti Directorate of Research and Community Engagement Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education Tel. Email address: manoe@ristekdikti.go.id anggunamalia11@gmail.com.

Please note that unless the applicant completes a research ethics program and consents from the affiliated department, his or her application will be considered unqualified and rejected. For project proposals that Japanese applicants intend to be funded by AMED, it is recommended that at least half of the countries participating in a project fund (either additional or new) their own researchers in the proposal in question.

Eligibility for Japan-based applicants


In accordance with the budget constraints for this program, the amounts will be adjusted each year. The funding provided under this call is intended to increase the capacity of applicants to participate. Funding will therefore be provided primarily to support joint activities, but may also cover some of the costs of local research necessary for collaboration.

In principle, travel expenses should be based on the rules of the institution to which the principal investigator (hereinafter referred to as the PI) belongs. ii). Expenses related to handling accidents or disasters that occur during the research collaboration periods. iv) Expenses not related to the implementation of this collaborative project. The support will be implemented according to a contract for commissioned research entered into between AMED and a university, research institute or similar organization (hereinafter referred to as "the institution").

The contract for the commissioned research will be renewed annually during the period of the collaborative research. Since the contract has been agreed on the condition that all administrative procedures related to this project are carried out within the institution, the IP should consult with the responsible department in his/her institution. Regarding the contract between the Japanese institution and AMED, it stipulates that Article 19 of the ACT on the Improvement of Industrial Technology (the Japanese version of the Bayh-Dole Act) and Article 25 of the ACT on the Protection of Creation, Protection and Exploitation of Content (tentative translation) shall apply to all properties belonging to this institution and as a result of these intellectual property rights. the institution with which the PI is affiliated.

A research collaboration contract MUST be entered into between institutions to which collaborating researchers are affiliated for the implementation of actual research collaboration. The contract on research collaboration shall include conclusions of discussions between parties entitled to intellectual property rights arising from research collaboration and concerned institutions, on issues relating to the processing of research information brought by researchers involved in the implementation of research collaboration, on research results as a result of research collaboration and on intellectual property rights among the parties concerned.


Evaluation of Project Proposals

Does the project plan comply with laws and regulations related to bioethics or safety measures. Is there a unique opportunity that can be achieved neither through bilateral nor individual research, but only through multilateral.

Responsibilities of PIs after Proposals are Approved V-1. Progress Report to AMED

Contact Information

Lao PDR: Ministry of Health (MOH)

New Zealand: Health Research Council (HRC)

Eligibility for NZ-based applicants

Researchers named on a proposal to the HRC will normally be required to have New Zealand as their main domicile and place of employment and, for the NZ Principal Investigator, be employed by the contractor. The HRC Rules, available on the HRC website www.hrc.govt.nz, set out the permitted use of HRC funds. These rules apply to all proposals, contracts or contract extensions where funding has been offered on or after 1 May 2016 and should also be read carefully by all contractors and applicants seeking HRC funding.

It is acceptable that the proposed research is an 'addition' to an existing collaborative activity or a new research project. The HRC's standard contract for research funding will be used for the successful e-ASIA JRP proposal. Applicants should note that all ethical and other approvals must be in place for the Contract to commence no later than the date set out in the HRC funding outcome letter or the date set out in the Proposal.

Applicants applying for New Zealand funding must register on the HRC Gateway by 13:00 (NZT), Tuesday 7 May 2019. HRC funding recommendations will be determined by the results of peer review, which includes independent judges, and review by an Evaluation Committee. The expertise and history of the research team as a basis for meeting the requirements of the proposed research, and.

Responsibilities of PIs After Proposals are Approved V-1. Progress Reports to HRC

The HRC will also contact the PI through their research office if there are further requests for information from an HRC review committee and/or the HRC requires additional information to meet reporting and information obligations. All such requests will be discussed with the contractor to ensure reasonable time frames and workload associated with such requests. A final status report covering the entire duration of the e-ASIA contract, including the project's goals and objectives, should also be submitted to the Human Rights Council.

When information is not available on the entire research project or its parts, the reasons for this should be given.

Contact Information

Philippines: Department of Science and Technology – Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (DOST -PCHRD)

Final approval by the PCHRD Governing Board or the PCHRD Executive Director, depending on the recommended overall budgetary need of the proposal. At any stage of the evaluation process, the proposer may need to revise the proposal based on the evaluators' recommendations. The review process takes 75 business days, provided all requirements are submitted.

Who may apply

How to apply

Funding Support Available

Contact Information

Russia: Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR)

Despite the fact that Russian researchers may have different affiliations, RFBR grant to Russian research team, if the project will be among those selected for funding, should be administered only through one legal entity conducting Russian research. Therefore, Russian researchers participating in a single project should agree in advance on which legal entity they will administer grant awarding and appoint a person (leader of the Russian research team) to be responsible for acting on behalf of the Russian research team in communication with the RFBR, including managing grant awarding. Within each selected international consortium, the funding of the participating researchers is provided by their respective national funding organization in accordance with their standard award terms and conditions.

The funding of each Russian research team can be expected between rubles per each project implementation year. The number of supported projects will largely depend on the number of applications, the quality of proposals and. Russian applicants must submit a national proposal to the RFBR through the KIAS system (http://kias.rfbr.ru) no later than 23:59 (Moscow time) May 20, 2019.

All proposals will be evaluated by RFBR experts according to RFBR internal rules and procedures (published on www.rfbr.ru). After national evaluation is completed, an international independent committee represented by e-Asia JRP participating member organizations will review the outcomes of national evaluations. Based on the results of the national evaluations, a common decision on a list of selected projects will be made jointly by e-Asia JRP participating member organizations.

More details on application and funding procedures and on compliance with deadlines are published in RFBR national call announcement at. If any issues still need to be clarified, please contact National Contact Points below for further details:.

Thailand: National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA)

Eligibility for Thai applicants

Evaluation of Project Proposals

Evaluation Criteria

  • Thailand: Thailand Center of Excellence for Life Sciences (TCELS)

Overhead costs are only eligible for public institutions and can apply for a lump sum of up to 5% of the project costs.

Evaluation Criteria

USA: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) Please see below for additional information

CRDF Global will support expenses for US teams from universities and non-profit organizations, with the exception of large-scale equipment purchases. teams from for-profit companies are not allowed to receive funding under this program. Applicants (primary and secondary collaborators) can claim indirect costs/overhead for all direct costs. Total direct costs minus these items is considered the modified total direct cost (MTDC) amount to which the IDC rate should be applied.

IDCs combined with total direct costs cannot exceed the total funding permitted to be requested. Documentation for these rates must be presented in the budget report if the institution requires this payment. Associate Director for International Research Affairs National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases National Institutes of Health.

Mga Sanggunian


This funding opportunity encourages the a development of research capabilities of the academic and research institutions through the development and/or upgrading of its research