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Manual of Operations


Academic year: 2023

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Officers of the University are those who are appointed/assigned to various offices specified in the organizational structure approved by the Board of Trustees. Preparation of the University's annual budget for the approval of the Board of Regents; The President shall have the authority to appoint other University officers and to establish such other offices as the need arises, subject to the approval of the Board of Regents.

The vice-president for administration and finance is directly responsible for the university's administrative and financial operations. Assists the University President and CEO in implementing office orders, memos and other circulars on matters related to the functions of the office.

Academic Policy

The student has not completed more than fifty (50) percent of the units required for. A sit-in student can participate in classes after approval by the relevant academic manager. A student must be marked as late if he arrives in class 15 minutes after the start of the scheduled time.

A student will be considered absent from class if he/she arrives 20 minutes after the scheduled time begins. A recognition program is organized for the formal awarding of academic and non-academic prizes.

Student Affair Services and Development

Enrolled in each of the terms or semesters at least fifteen (15) credits prescribed in the curriculum. The Office of the Dean for Student Affairs and Services, in coordination with the various academic units of the University, is responsible for the implementation of this program. The commencement exercises for each of the academic units of the University will take place on the dates approved by the Academic Council.

Procedures for decision-making on behalf of the organization (must include quorum determination); Recognition of a student organization may be withdrawn or suspended if the organization is found to have violated University policies, rules and regulations. Any organization that repeatedly violates University policies and regulations will be barred from operating at the University.

The term of office of the advisor for each student organization is one school year and may be extended. Assists in planning organizational activities to ensure activities are aligned with organizational objectives; It is the responsibility of organizational officials to inform organizational members of this requirement.

The regularly scheduled curriculum of the University shall have first priority in the use of its facilities. The university adheres to the principle of freedom of expression as a student right. As provided in the relevant provisions of the Local Government Code (R.A. 7160), the University offers the Barangay Scholarship to qualified students.

Student Conduct and Discipline

First Offense : Restitution of property or payment of an equivalent amount and suspension for at least one week up to one semester. Second Offense: Restitution of property or payment of an equivalent amount and suspension for at least one semester up to one year. Third Offense: Restitution or payment of an equivalent amount and suspension for at least one year pending dismissal.

Malicious or baseless accusation of any member of the academic community First Offense: Suspension for at least one to one month. reviews the records of the case forwarded to him by the student disciplinary committee; The Student Disciplinary Committee may proceed in the absence of any party who has been given timely notice of the hearing.

A majority of the student discipline committee members will decide on the penalty to be recommended. Board of Student Discipline will make a decision within five (5) working days of the initiation of the review. The written decision of the Council for Student Discipline must be sent to the University President no later than three (3) working days after the date on which the University President.

The Board of Regents and all interested parties will be given a copy of the decision. The action of the Board with the recommendation of the Commission will be communicated in writing to the respondent within five (5) working days and will be forwarded to the President of the University. The Board of Regents, or the President of the University authorized by the BOR, issues the Execution Order of the decision.

Student Grievance and Assemblies

Operational Control, Supervision and Procedures: Faculty

  • Teachers Leave (Service Credits)
  • Cumulative Leave (VSL) Credits
  • Maternity Leave
  • Paternity Leave
  • Emergency Leave (VSL only)
  • Anniversary Leave
  • Leave Without Pay
  • Sabbatical Leave
  • Study Leave
  • Wedding Leave – shall be granted to the faculty member who marries or gets married and may be availed of five (5) working days
  • Special Benefits

The rights of faculty workers to form and establish a professional union/association in the university and submit to the president of the university a copy of its constitution and bylaws. The faculty is recognized and guaranteed the right to participate in university decision-making. Professional competence and development are aspirations of every BSU faculty member.

Based on this virtual requirement, the following Code of Professional Ethics is hereby set forth for the guidance of the faculty members. Each faculty member is expected to perform his function and work towards the achievement of the vision, mission and goals of the University. Any such complaint or charge shall be referred to proper authorities of the University for action before any remedy is made available to the complaining party.

Faculty members must recognize that the university's primary concerns are the interests and welfare of the students. Before a faculty member can change his/her class schedule/classroom, he/she must first obtain the dean's approval to avoid conflicts. No religious opinion or political belief of the faculty should be a matter of inquiry or inquiry.

Faculty members with permanent status who regularly perform administrative functions are granted cumulative leave. Their functions shall be interpreted to mean those duties which are necessary in the management of the University or any of its units. Study leave is granted by the University to a faculty member who wishes to go on a study leave provided he/she secures the approval of the President.

Allocation thereof is provided for on the capital expenditure in the regular annual appropriation. Members of the faculty holding plantilla positions shall have the privilege of enrolling at the University for no more than nine (9) units per semester for undergraduate courses or nine (9) units per trimester for graduate courses.

Operational Control, Supervision and Procedures: Research

The total basic salary for the month is determined based on the accumulated number of hours worked every 1st - 15th and 16th - 30th. in the month. Members of the academic community with approved research proposals must have the following administrative support: adequate financial assistance; adequate library resources and official approval of other libraries; suitable and appropriate facilities; and sufficient time for research activities. It is very important that the results of the research are documented according to the prescribed style and format before it is reported.

However, the schedule of local reporting of research findings depends on the schedule of the campus/college. After the research findings have been reported in any of the mentioned venues, that research that deserves to be printed and published in the research journal will be selected by the VPPRE and ENT Director in consultation with the University Research Council. All pages must be numbered consecutively in the upper right hand corner of the page;.

The abstract should begin with a statement of the problem to be solved, followed by a description of the method or technique used to solve the problem. The abstract should end with a summary of the results obtained and their implications. Journal works - authors' names and initials, year, full title, journal name and issue, and last page number;.

Books – name(s) of author(s), year, full title of article, surname of editor and title of book, edition, place of publication, publisher, page number/s;. In the lower corner, the name of the author and the figure number must be indicated;. All equations must be numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals in parentheses to the right of the equations.

Operational Control, Supervision and Procedures: Extension

Fraud, falsification of records and other forms of academic dishonesty should not be tolerated as grounds for disciplinary action; All research must be conducted in a manner that adheres to the highest achievable safety standards for researchers and subjects; And. All laboratory work must be well defined and carried out in accordance with the laboratory code of practice.

A publication must contain appropriate references to acknowledge the contributions of previously published work in the field. Any person who participated in and made a significant contribution must be included as an author of this research. 66 (d) Strengthen university and community networks, connections and collaboration. for a more responsive and strategic extension service. e) Pursue programs and activities related to GAD on and off campus. f) Promote education in human rights among the university's stakeholders.

Extension services and activities must be available at the request of the clientele, who must provide counterparty logistics and exercise shared built-in ownership in proper planning, implementation, and evaluation. All extension service personnel are required to undergo training in all aspects of extension work prior to development. The implementation of short-term non-degree courses, refresher or review courses, seminars, conferences, specialized training, continuing education and other community-related projects must be included in the extension service offered by the academic units of the university.

BulSU Extension Services Office implements various programs and projects such as literacy, skills and livelihood training, integrated capacity building programs and advocacy in collaboration with partner LGUs, GOs, NGOs, POs and line agencies for its target beneficiaries in the local communities , it serves.

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