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Minutes of the Planning Meeting for SEAFDEC-Sida Project in Cambodia on Human Resource Development in Fisheries


Academic year: 2023

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Thor Sensereivorth, Deputy Head of the Planning and Accounting Office of the Ministry of Fisheries, explained the background and objectives of the project. Strengthening the capacity of the Inland Fisheries Research and Development Institute (IFReDI): Asian Development Bank technical assistance to Cambodia. He presented the curriculum of such training courses to strengthen the human capacity of IFReDI staff.

Chhuon Khimchhea, Deputy Chief of Community Fisheries of the Coastal Fisheries Development Office (CFDO), Department of Fisheries, presented lessons learned from fisheries co-management activities. General Purpose and Objectives of Ongoing Projects/Initiatives in the Coastal Areas of Cambodia (on coastal resource management/fisheries based on input from presentations/lectures and discussions made during the workshop). Coastal natural resource status reports for mangrove, coral and seagrass beds.

Established common understanding of the local fishing community in the management of coastal resources in designated project areas. Strengthen the participation of the fishing community and other villagers in training (train trainers and planners/managers to properly involve villagers in training and decision-making). Training for Trainer" for HRD in the field of sustainable management and development of coastal resources.

Minutes of the Planning Meeting for SEAFDEC-Sida Project in Cambodia on Human Resource Development in Fisheries.

Minutes of the Planning Meeting for SEAFDEC-Sida Project in Cambodia on Human Resource Development in Fisheries

Department of Fisheries of Cambodia, Phnom Penh

Magnus provided background information and the development of the 'pilot process', as recommended by SEAFDEC Member States through the series of meetings/consultations, to be implemented in the 'representative group of countries' with the aim of sharing some of the Cambodian experiences at regional level the implementation of the trial process. He also introduced the meeting objectives and the meeting document “Executive Summary, Annual Report 2004 and Plan for 2005”. Magnus also highlighted the intention of the pilot process in Cambodia that it will not culminate in a traditional pilot project in a specific location, but through a series of workshops/seminars or a learning-by-doing event.

After the presentation of the above, meeting members were invited to advise and recommend how to focus and whom to invite and involve in the "pilot process" in a sequence of three workshops, seminars or learning by doing. events. Toby Carson informed the role and responsibility of WWF-Cambodia in capacity building in fisheries and cooperation initiatives between WWF-Cambodia and other relevant institutions. In relation to coastal fisheries management in Cambodia, their initiatives also include promoting rights-based and decentralized coastal zone management, capacity building in inland aquaculture, information collection and dissemination, catch assessment in inland fishing, the study of fish consumption, etc. .

It was mentioned that there are many project/program initiatives supported by external donors/organizations for the benefit of sustainable fisheries natural resource management and community livelihood development in Cambodia. Since most other relevant initiatives in coastal fisheries emphasize research/study, it is important to find out how to link the results from these initiatives or interpret them to benefit all fisheries management. A need to link the results from initiatives from such "coastal habitat" and "fishing habitat" for the further improvement and sustainable development of the livelihood of local communities.

Training for trainers” should be included when formulating the detailed plan for the project activity. For more detailed planning of the activities in the “pilot process” in Cambodia, the meeting recommended that there is a need to organize a national workshop to listen to relevant initiatives on who is doing what and how to develop and develop living standards in local communities improved. in Cambodia. Magnus informed that the next activity of the Sida-SEAFDEC will be the organization of the national workshop to be held in Cambodia around June 2005 for further (1) formulation of the detailed planning of the activities and (2) for greater identification of the needs of human rights defenders. in Cambodia.

Firstly, on behalf of the Ministry of Fisheries, I would like to express my pleasure to attend the National Workshop on Human Resource Development in Fisheries Management in Cambodia; and I would like to warmly welcome and express my sincere thanks to the SEAFDEC delegation, ladies and gentlemen, the person for helping to support and spend their valuable time to participate in this national workshop. In addition, I would like to deeply thank the working group of the Department of Fisheries in cooperation with the delegations of the SEAFDEC Secretariat, especially Dr. PhDs, 62 masters and 268 graduates.

Presentation of the contents of databases, baselines, surveys and other forms of information for management, reference, monitoring, etc. Pilot process 3: Lessons learned and experiences to share o If necessary, a final series of the “on-site training”. Appendix 5b Plan for visiting countries to implement the pilot process/study in the set.

Support provided by Sida on "Human Resource Development on the Support to Implementation of the Code of Conduct for.

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