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PICARDO, SANDRA A. 2013. Documentation and Evaluation of Communication Methods Used by the Organizers in the Celebration of the Adivay Festival 2012. Benguet State University, La Trinidad, Benguet

Adviser: Anna Liza B. Wakat, MDevCom


The study determined the communication methods used in the celebration of Adivay festival. The objectives of the study were to determine the activities organized in the Adivay 2012; determine how these activities were organized; how these were monitored and evaluated; the communication methods used and the problems encountered and the suggestions/ recommendations from the stakeholders for the next Adivay.

The findings of the study showed that the activities of the 2012 Adivay festival were organized by the provincial government officials and employees and headed by the Hon. Governor Nestor B. Fongwan. The activities were the same as last year’s Adivay but there were activities introduced like Dance Crew Competition and A Day for Former Officials and Employees.

For the communication methods, meetings, written communication, e-mail messages/phone calls, websites, printed and broadcast media were used. As to the


Documentation and Evaluation of Communication Methods Used by the Organizers in the

monitoring and evaluation, all the committee members were present and helped duringthe implementation of the activity and most of the committees conducted their own evaluation through meeting with their members. Respondents noted problems on the communication methods used as incomplete/lack of information, lack of advertisement and poor dissemination of information. Recommendations for the communication methods include the use of all possible media, broadcast in national TV, more advertisement and strengthen information dissemination. For the improvement of the next festival, there were suggestions from the stakeholders on the information dissemination, operational matters, venue, and activity. It is therefore recommended that the organizers may consider the suggestions from the respondents as well as from the key informants. Utilization of free media or social networking sites in promoting the festival may be maximized. The organizers may improve more the implementation of the festival by using different communication methods. Further study must be conducted to support and validate the findings of the study. Studies of different local festivals may also be done. A video documentation on the different activities of the festival especially on the cultural presentations may be made to help preserve the culture of the province.




Tourism helps the community to develop. It uplifts a country’s economy. Today, tourism is one of the highest-grossing industries and possibly the greatest people-moving pursuit on the planet (Williamson, 2010). In every municipality in every province, they have their own strategies to market and attract visitors.

Natural spots like beaches, mountains, falls and islands are the main attractions to tourists.

In the Philippines, the famous white sand of Boracay, Mayon Volcano in Albay, Hundred Islands of Pangasinan and Pagsanjan Falls of Laguna are just some of the natural tourist destinations scattered in the country.

Aside from natural spots, one of the best forms in promoting tourism is through fairs and festivals. It empowers the community through the arrival of new visitors while taking advantages on local commercials and cultural values (Ragsdale, 2008). According to Felsestein and Fleischer (2008), to promote tourism and boost regional economy, local fairs and festivals are increasingly being used as an instrument.

Ragsdale (2008) stated that festivals also improve social life. To be a catalyst for intimate relationships of the local people is one of what festivals can play.

The Philippines has numerous festivals where they showcase their culture and traditions.

Ati-atihan Festival in Kalibo, Aklan, Sinulog Festival of Cebu, Dinagyang Festival in Iloilo and Panagbenga Festival in Baguio City are one of the biggest festivals in the Philippines.


Documentation and Evaluation of Communication Methods Used by the Organizers in the

Benguet as a culture-rich province celebrates its own festival called the Adivay Festival which is held every November. The thirteen (13) municipalities of Benguet gather together for the celebration of thanksgiving and unity through showcasing their wealth in culture, natural resources, agriculture and trade.

In the data of Department of Tourism, the visitor arrivals in the Philippines from

January to May 2012 grew by 13.05% from 1,609,651 to 1,819,781 tourists. However, in Cordillera Administrative Region, tourist arrival went down. There were only 760, 000 tourists who visited the region as compared to the 2010 record of tourist arrival of 800,000.

Jularbal said the arrival of tourists decreased because of the cost of travel and the competition of the different festivals during summer season (Bitog, 2012).

The Department of Tourism- Cordillera Administrative Region stated that during the first quarter of 2011 (January to March), CAR recorded only 50% of both local and foreign tourists which is a very slow turn-out (Agoot, 2011). The declining number of tourists’

arrivals in the region is attributed to the growing popularity of other tourist destination in the country.

Benguet ranks next to Baguio City In local tourist arrivals in the Cordillera. But in terms of foreign tourist arrivals, Ifugao still tops in the region because of Banaue Rice Terraces (Aro, 2011, PIA Press Releases 2011). The province has a lot of magnets for tourists. Aside from natural spots, resorts and events like mountain climbing, another way to attract tourists is trough celebrating festivals.

The Adivay Festival according to Provincial Environment Officer Gillermo

Fianza is more of a gathering of a family or clan member. Benguet Governor Nestor


Fongwan said it is staged so all of us can gather for a feast (Caluza, 2011). It was first celebrated in 2005 at the Benguet State University grounds for three years. In 2008, the venue is moved at Barangay Wangal, La Trinidad. Now, the Adivay Festival commemorates the founding anniversary of Benguet province.

The Provincial Tourism Operation Benguet Office recorded a total of 16,329 tourists during the Adivay festival in 2011, and 370 or 2.26% here are foreign tourists.

The highest recorded number of tourists’ arrival in the province is May 2011 with 34,931, which is more than twice the total of visitors during the Adivay Festival. This is Because of the opening of events like mountain climbing at Mt. Ugo and Mt. Pulag.

The Department of Tourism-Cordillera Supervising Tourism Operations Officer Edgar Jularbal said that Baguio City ranked highest among the six provinces because of the Panagbenga Festival (Bitog, 2011). Panagbenga Festival is a well-known festival in CAR, due to its popularity, it is found in the list of the Philippines Review of August 2012, Adivay Festival is not included.

The popularity level of the Adivay festival is not as high as other festival around the Philippines. In Cordillera Region, only the Baguio Flower Festival (Panagbenga) is known.

Thus, the research aims to determine the communication strategies used by the organizers in the celebration of the festival.


Documentation and Evaluation of Communication Methods Used by the Organizers in the

Statement of the Problem

The study dealt with the communication strategies applied in the celebration of Adivay festival 2012.

Specifically, this study tried to answer the following questions:

1. What are the different activities during the Adivay festival 2012?;

2. How are these activities organized?;

3. What are the communication methods used in implementing the activities?;

4. How are these activities monitored and evaluated by the organizers?;

5. What are the problems encountered by the during the Adivay festival?;

6. What are the suggestions of the respondents on the communication methods used?; and,

7. What are the suggestions and recommendations from the stakeholders in the improvement of the next Adivay festival?

Objectives of the Study

The study tried to identify the communication strategies applied in the celebration of Adivay festival 2012.

Specifically, the study aimed to do the following:

1. determine the different activities during the Adivay festival 2012;

2. determine how these activities were organized;


3. determine the communication methods used in implementing the activities; 4.

determine how these activities were monitored and evaluated;

5. determine the problems encountered by the stakeholders during the Adivay festival;

6. enumerate the suggestions of the respondents on the communication methods used; and,

7. enumerate the suggestions and recommendations from the stakeholders in the improvement of the next Adivay festival.

Importance of the Study

The research may improve insights and documents for the people with regards to celebrating Adivay festival. The study may also give information that will be used not only by the people of Banquet but to others who wish to understand the Adivay festival.

The findings of the study would aid to improve the promotion of the festival. This could also be used as a reference for the next study dealing with local festivals and tourism.

Scope and Limitation

The study was conducted at La Trinidad, the capital town of Benguet where Adivay festival is held every November. This study will focus on the communication methods used by the organizers in celebrating the Adivay festival 2012; different activities that were organized during the Adivay festival 2012; how are these activities organized, how these activities were monitored and evaluated by the organizers, the communication methods used in implementing these activities, the problems encountered by the stakeholders during


Documentation and Evaluation of Communication Methods Used by the Organizers in the

the festival, the suggestions of the respondents on the communication methods used and the suggestions and recommendations from the stakeholders in the improvement of the next Adivay festival.

The study did not cover the documentation of the whole Adivay celebration.



Adivay Festival

“Adivay” is an Ibaloi term meaning “coming together to celebrate”. Adivay was just an intimate gathering of family or clan members according to Provincial Environment Officer Guillermo Fianza (Caluza, 2011). Today, the Adivay is celebrated as a provincial festival which is participated mainly by Benguet people. It was staged as said by Benguet Governor Nestor Fongwan for us the Benguet people can gather for a


The conceptualization of the festival was to gather all the tribes of Banquet and come together to share their cultural beliefs and practices. It is focused on rediscovering the wealthy history, culture, arts, trades and industries of Benguet (Adivay Webpage). It is also one way of strengthening the tourism industry and allowing the increase of business employment opportunities.

Baguio was the goal venue of the beginning of the festival and then it spread out to Baguio, La Trinidad, Itogon, Sablan and Tuba (BLIST). The first Adivay festival was held in February 25 to March 6 2005 side by side with the Panagbenga Festival in Baguio. In 2006, it was celebrated along with the foundation anniversary of the province which is in November. For three years, feast was held at the Benguet State University grounds. It was in 2008 that it was brought to Barangay Wangal Sports Complex at La Trinidad.


Documentation and Evaluation of Communication Methods Used by the Organizers in the

Objectives of the Festival

The goals of the festival are; to position Banquet as an Agro-Tourism destination through its various industries, to enhance business opportunities through direct marketing of products and the transfer of technology, to encourage the innovation of products and services that may lead to increased employment opportunities in Banquet, and to create a tradition that shall be sustained by the Banquet community (Adivay Webpage).

Activities of the Adivay Festival

It is a month-long celebration and there are activities such as the Search for Mr. and Ms.

Benguet; Battle of the Bands; Dongba ni Kabajo (horse race and parade); Jobs Fair cum Career Forum; Mass Wedding which is scheduled in three different days and separate churches; a Cooperative Convention; Mr. Banquet (Body-building Competition);

Marathon Fun Run; Muay Thai (competition); Arnis; Inter-LGU and Invitational Sports Competition (Adivay Webpage).

The Agro-industrial trades fair focusing on the native products of the thirteen municipalities Cañao, Benguet Photo Exhibit are some of the highlights of the festival.

Medical/ Surgical Outreach, free services such as manicure, pedicure, haircut and massage were also found in the line-up of activities.

There are exciting talent competitions like Awit para sa Kalikasan or environmental- cultural song and Theatrical Performance Contest. Adivay also features unique activities


such as Dog Fun Show, Horse Show and Indigenous Meat Preparation and Cooing or the

“Kinuday” or “Kini-ing” Making Contest (Bagni, 2012).

Significant activities like A Day for Former Officials and Emplooyees, the 9th Small Scale Mining Congress, Awards and Recognition Day, Evangelical Choral Festival and Diskwento Caravan were also observed.

Skills competition such as Automotive Servicing, Electrical Installation and

Maintenance, Food and Beverage Servicing, Commercial Cooking, Beauty Care (manicure and pedicure), Hair Dressing (hair cutting) were also set up.

The Horse Competition or the games proper includes the category competition as follows:

small, medium and big horses race; men and women balloon bursting; sack race;

carambola; broncho race; dwarf race; pole bending; flag and barrel race; back stroke riding and team building games such as sack race relay, dwarf horse race, flag relay, horse saddling, saddle run, salad eating, strawberry wine drinking, best horse, and best costume.

There were exhibitions such as bull whipping, trick roping, and fancy riding (Aro, 2012.


Sports tournament includes Inter-LGU/Invitational Volleyball and Basketball, darts, chess, table tennis, scrabble, slow pitch, Invitational/Inter-LGU badminton,

Football Kasibulan and Airsoft Competition and Body-Building Competition (Aro, 2012.



Documentation and Evaluation of Communication Methods Used by the Organizers in the

People Involved

The events on Dog Fun Show were spearheaded by the Provincial Veterinary Office while the Dongba ni Kavajo or horse racing was co-chaired by the Police

Provincial Office (Aro, 2012. PIA).

Local Government Units of Different municipalities has also participated in the various events such as Agro-Industrial Fair, Battle of the Bands, Search for Mr. and MS. Benguet, Dance Crew Competition and on different sports held.

Local media were also invited for the opening and introducing the candidates of Mr. and Ms. Benguet for the selection of Darling of the Press (Dar, 2012. PIA).

Communication Methods

Communication methods as cited in the Tasman Government Official Website, this is about how you are going to do to get your message across. The different communication methods and tools that can be used to convey messages and interact to people will depend on the level of engagement required, the interest of the audience in the message, demographics, how the target audience prefers to receive messages and if it is simply relaying information or require two-way communication.

On the article Getting the Message Across-The Importance of Good

Communication, it was cited that for external communications, the Inland Revenue uses written, oral, face-to-face, online communications and advertising in the press and they also uses similar methods for internal communications (Business Case Studies Website).

Carter (n.d.) cited Phone Communication, Verbal Communication, Email and


Social Media, Fax and Written Communication as communication methods in business.

Definition of Terms

Stakeholder. Used to refer to the organizers and participants of the Adivay festival.



Locale and Time of the Study

The study was conducted at La Trinidad, Benguet known as the “Salad Bowl of the Philippines”. La Trinidad is a first class municipality in the province of Benguet. It is the capital municipality of Benguet and is famously known as the “Strawberry Fields of the Philippines”.

The municipality is located 3 km north of Baguio City and is 256 km north of Manila. It is bounded on the north by the municipality of Tublay, on the south by Baguio, and on the west by Sablan and Tuba. It has total land are about 8273.80 hectares, representing 3.16 % of the provincial area.

Benguet was chosen as the locale of the study because it is where the Adivay Festival is being celebrated.

The study was conducted on October 2012 to March 2013.

Respondents of the Study

The first groups of respondents were nineteen (19) key informants. They were the focal persons and the organizers of the Adivay Festival.

The second groups of respondents were selected from 13 municipalities of Benguet who participated/attended in the celebration of Adivay Festival. Ten respondents from each municipality were chosen using convenience sampling. The researcher selected ten respondents who are conveniently available during the time of survey.


Data Collection

Personal interview was used to gather information from the key informants using guide questions.

The study of secondary sources was also applied through document retrieval. A survey questionnaire was used to gather information from the respondents.

Figure 1. Map of Benguet showing the locale of the study


Data Gathered

The data gathered were the different activities organized during the Adivay Festival 2012 and how these activities were organized. Also, the ways these activities were monitored and evaluated by the organizers, the communication methods used in implementing these activities and the problems encountered by the stakeholders in the implementation of the activities.

For the objectives six and seven, the suggestions and recommendations of the stakeholders on the communication methods used, and the suggestions and recommendations from the stakeholders in the improvement of the next Adivay Festival were gathered from the organizers and participants.

Data Analysis

The data were tabulated, consolidated and were presented in a narrative form.


RESULTS AND DISCUSSION Activities of the Adivay Festival

The festival was plotted with many activities since it was a month-long event. A combination of cultural presentations, skills and talent competitions, forum, conferences, programs, business affairs, public services and entertainments were observed during the festival.

Cultural presentations. Presentations of the various cultures and tradition of Benguet was during the Cañao. Mr. Blas Dalus Sr., It was conducted to present again the cultural heritage of the Benguet province, and to remind our constituents on the customs and tradition of the Benguet people by presenting the famous Cañao celebration.

Another event to showcase cultures was the Street Dancing Competition. It was a competition supposed to be but there were only two participants so they made it into presentation. Mr. Alumit said that Street Dancing activity must have shown the legend, myth and cultural history as Cañao and harvest of every municipality.

The Dance-Drama Cultural Performances were also performed. This must be a competition of schools per municipality but Atok did not have a representative. According to Clarita Prudencio, Provincial Tourism Officer and committee head, the activity was to highlight and promote the culture of the province was the objective of the competition.

Competitions. Different competitions for skills and talents development were posted as part of the Adivay festival.


One of the highlights of the festival was the Search for Mr. and Ms. Benguet 2012 that was done at the Benguet State University Close Gym. This was participated in by the muses and escorts of the thirteen municipalities of Benguet and their supporters. Earlier, the Search for Mr. and Ms. Benguet 2012 Press Conference (Selection of “Darling of the Press”) was held on November 8 followed by their Pre-Pageant (Talent and Sports Wear Competition) at Ben Palispis Hall. The Ethnic Wear Competition and Fashion Show were done at SM City Baguio on November 11. According to Mrs. Florita Bay-on, Acting Provincial Administrator and committee chairperson, the purpose competition was to promote the province Benguet through the ambassadors and ambassadress from each municipality who will promote their own products and tourism industry and see what is in the province that can be promoted or endorsed in the country or even internationally. Aside from that, it also aims to develop our people by exposing them to different aspects of living.

Mr. Benguet 2012 was judged from the Mr. Benguet-Bodybuilding Competition, participated by bodybuilders from different places was concluded. The event was conducted at Ben Palispis Hall on November 16.

Skills Competition like Best Booth Presentation, Flower Arrangement, Landscaping, Basket (thick laced) Making, and other related events such as Fruit and

Vegetable Carving, Fruit Juice Drinking and Vegetable Eating Contest. The Nutri-Snack Rice and Root crop-based Competition and Organic Fertilizer Preparation Contest which is included in the Agro-Industrial Fair were also conducted.


The fair that was enjoyed by the stakeholders as it was opened at the Benguet

Sports Center on November 17 and lasted for eight (8) days. According to Provincial Agriculturist Ms. Lolita Bentres, committee head, this is to showcase Benguet’s best in terms of agriculture both in industry and products. The different indigenous products of each municipality were displayed and sold in this fair.

Simultaneous with the fair, another set of Skills Competition such as Beauty Care:

Manicure and Pedicure, Hair Dressing: Hair Cutting, Automotive Technology, Electrical Installation, Consumer Electronics Servicing, Commercial Cooking, and Bread and Pastry Production were conducted on November 18. Competitions like Agri-Photo Contest, Indigenous Vegetable Salad, Indigenous Dish and Indigenous Beverage Preparation/Presentation were finished on the next day.

A competition for indigenous food preparation like The “Kinuday”/”Kini-ing” Cooking Contest was also conducted. Purita Lesing, committee member said, it was purposely to promote indigenous product for commercialization and promotion as a source of livelihood of Benguet folk. The Tapuey Tasting and Packaging Contest was also done as one of the indigenous food prepared.

The Prototype Making Contest for Adivay / Provincial Tokens and Souvenirs was done which according to Clarita Prudencio, committee head assigned; these will bring out the talents of the people who will be joining especially the Out-of-School-Youths.


The Battle of the Bands, Solo Singing Competition and Dance Crew Competition were enjoyed and actively joined by the people of Benguet. The activity should be named Adivay Music Festival and “Move” The Adivay Hip-hop Dance Competition but

according to Atty. Brian Crispin, member of the committee, the program were already printed with the committee named as Battle of the Band. Sangguniang Panlalawigan

Member Honorable Johnny D. Waguis said that the objective of the activity was to encourage our youth to come to invite or motivate their talents and it is a way to deal or for them to engaged in music which is better than other forms of vices.

In addition, Atty. Crispin said, it was second time Solo Singing Competition was conducted. According to him, this activity was inspired by Ms. Ingrid Payaket after winning 4th place in one TV reality talent competition. Dance Crew Competition on the other hand was the first hip-hop dance competition in Adivay. This is to showcase the skills of the youth, and to show that highlanders are also talented in this kind of competition aside from cultural dances.

Evangelical Choral Festival, an event to give opportunity to different sects to participate, give praises and thanks for the whole year blessing. Mrs. Norma Balitcha added that it is to bring the spiritual upliftment to the people/community, tapnu haan nga puro government (that it is not all government only). The activity was held at the BSU Closed Gym.


There were competitions that entertained and applauded by the audience. The Drum & Lyre Competition and Street Dancing Showdown that were made before the Benguet Foundation Day which aims to showcase the talents of the children of Benguet in Drum and Lyre.

Another much awaited event of Adivay Festival was the Horses and Cowboys’

Parade which was participated by the local government officials and different Pony Boy’s Association of Benguet. After which, the Horse Race (Dongba ni Kavajo) followed after the parade. The activity was made possible through the competitors from various places in Benguet. It aims to promote Benguet as a horse–loving province, and to attract visitors through horse-powered eco-tourism. According to Purita Lesing, member of the Animalandia Committee, this also serves as an activity for the parent-child bonding.

Aside from the skills and talents competition, the Benguet Foundation Anniversary Sports Tournament was also a main competition joined by sports enthusiasts as early as September 13 and ended December 1. The battle between the different municipalities started as Volleyball was opened September 13 to November 15.

Basketball was also started and ended on the day after volleyball began. Invitational Tournament for Basketball and Volleyball were scheduled October 19 and 20

correspondingly. These events were all held at the Capitol Gym.

Two days were allotted for the events Darts, Table Tennis, Chess and Scrabble which were done at the Capitol Gym and Ben Palispis Hall dated October 25 to 26. Slow


Pitch, Badminton (Inter-LGU/Office and Invitational), Shoot Fest, Football Kasibulan, Adivay Fun Run, 4 X 4 Off-road Competitions were included scheduled on different date and venue.

The purposes of this Sports Development Program according to Mr. Dean Mark Monang, Administrative Officer II and committee chairperson, was to instil camaraderie, discipline, teamwork and sportsmanship among participants to include provincial, municipal officials and employees, youth and sports enthusiasts; and to promote health and wellness of participants.

Forum and conferences. To formally open the Adivay, “Kapihan Sa Benguet” and Search for Mr. and Ms. Benguet 2012 Press Conference was conducted after the Ecumenical Service. It was to invite the public to join in the different activities that were lined up.

According to Mrs. Gina Salamat, Committee Chairperson of the Activity, this aims to promote the Benguet Day Celebration. This was also the Search for Mr. and Ms. Benguet 2012 Press Conference. All media men were invited to attend the said event.

On the following day, an Environment Forum was held at Halsema Highway and Benguet- Vizcaya Road. Mrs. Sinclaire Talosig said that the activity aims to highlight the law on ecological waste management thru graceful participation of all concerned agencies, institutions and civic organizations through advocacy. Also, reminding and enhancing the awareness of the general public on the importance and benefits on keeping the environment clean and green.

The 9th Small Scale Mining Congress Activity was an avenue for the small scale miners to know each other, develop camaraderie not only among the miners but to the officials as


well. Engr. Joseph Cervantes said that the activity serves as a general information drive regarding small scale mining laws existing and to enhance their technical knowledge on regarding small scale rescue management. The Congress was conducted at the Benguet Sports Center for the miners to know each other and build camaraderie.

Activities like Library Orientation done at the Capitol Gym, IEC on Climate Change Adaptation Presentation, Provincial Disaster Communication Protocol and Employees’ Day were all held at the Ben Palispis Hall.

Social services. In line with the Adivay 2012’s theme, there were free services and assistance offered to the public.

As part of the celebration, the Job Fair was institutionalized and it was conducted every year except during the destructive typhoon Ondoy. It was conducted on at the Ben

Palispis Hall at the Capitol Building. The objectives of this activity according to Labor and Employment Officer II and committee chairperson, Mrs. Gina Yog-a, was to facilitate employment for jobseekers especially the constituents of Benguet and to make sure that the invited agencies were licensed. There were 940 qualified applicants that were hired on the spot from 1,270 total numbers of applicants.

The Trade Fair at the Benguet Sports Center where it served as an avenue to market and advertise the products in the province. According to Ms. Lucia Kisim, Provincial Accountant and committee chairperson, this is through showcasing the commercial products and ethnic instrument and other indigenous instrument that people of Benguet used in their festival and rituals. Also this is to give chance to the small time livelihood entrepreneurs to market their goods.


The festival started with an Ecumenical Service that was held at the Ben Palispis Hall. Mr.

Francis Louis Likigan Jr. said that the purpose of this activity is to thank God as the activity starts; also, it aims to unite the different body of churches. This is to remind them that they also belong and invited to the celebration of the festival.

Mass Weddings were performed on November 13, 14, 16 and 21 at the different parishes in the municipalities of La Trinidad, Tuba and Mankayan and Sablan. According to Mrs.

Juana Bannawe, PSWD Officer and the committee chairperson, the objectives were to give an opportunity for the unwed couples to receive the sacrament of marriage and to complete their requirements for the government as couples.

Another free service during the festival was the Health Fair. Hon. Florence Tingbaoen said that the activity aims to render health services such as immunization to the people and to serve the people who need medical attention.

Awardings and programs. The Benguet Achiever’s Awards was done as a part of the festival. This aims to give due recognition to the people of Benguet who excel in sports, agriculture, livelihood, entrepreneur and others. According to Community Affairs Officer II Mr. Camilo Alumit, this is for those who stand out or give names, pride or recognition to the province.

To honor the employees and officials of the province, programs like “Salamat, Mabuhay Kayo and a Day for Former Officials and Employees” and A Day for OFW and

“I-Benguet ay nan abroad” were done. According to the committee head, Mrs. Rosaline Elayda, Chief AO, this served as an avenue of the retirees to say “hi” and “hello” after


many years of retirement to meet again. This is to gather them and remind them that they are still needed by the government.

A special event, A Day for OFWs and “I-Benguet ay nan abroad” was held at the

Benguet Sports Center which was participated by the OFWs who were present during the parade.

Exhibits. Concurrent to those activities, the Benguet Photo Exhibit was also opened at the Capitol Lobby which was the longest running activity of the festival for it was opened on November19 and ended on December 3, 2012. According to Clarita Prudencio, Provincial Tourism Operations Officer and committee chairperson, there were three (3) themes of exhibit. These are the cultures of Benguet by Dave Leproso, tourist spots by BSU-Bachelor of Science in Development Communication students and the achievements of the Filipino- Chinese. The exhibit is purposely to appreciate culture and tourist attraction of the province and learn Chinese Ancestors.

Entertainment. The first part of Animalandia Show which is the Dog Fun Show was conducted as a competition at the same time serves as entertainment to the people.

Animalandia Committee member Mrs. Purita Lesing said, that the show aims mainly to promote love of pets and encourage responsible pet ownership, and serves as an avenue for family bonding.

The crowd was amused with bull whip exhibitions performed by the Highland Cowboys and Cowgirls of the Benguet State University-College of Veterinary Medicine and trick rope exhibition by the two of the young cowboys from the Benguet riders Group.


Additional entertainments were races, games, exhibitions and team building activity prepared by the committee.

Acrobatic and Magic Show and Silent Drill from the Philippine Military Academy were also held at the Benguet Sports Center. Parade and Tourism Day which involved the Delegates from the 13 Municipalities, National and Regional Government Agencies, Non- government Institutions, Delegates from Tertiary and Vocational School,

Business Firms and Other Private Agencies was also successful.

The festival ended with the colorful fireworks display at the Capitol Grounds.

Other events held in partnership with some private sectors like Film Viewing care of SMART at the Benguet Sports Center lasted for six days since November 17. Also, a Diskwento Caravan care of DTI was successful for its two days of operation on November 22 and 23.

Processes Followed in Organizing the Adivay 2012

The Adivay celebration started with the planning by the provincial government as headed by the Hon. Governor Nestor B. Fongwan.

According to Ms. Bentres a memo was signed by the Governor organizing the different Adivay committee defining their function per committee as part of 112th Benguet Founding Anniversary. Hon. Waguis said that the committee formed was assigned with all the communications, arrangements of the venue and the program. Meetings. For the planning for the whole program, a general meeting among the Executive Committee and the


Division Chief/ Department Heads was conducted. As per activity, the committees assigned conduct their own meeting with the members inside and outside the provincial government. Series of meeting were set to settle things for the activity. Included here were the selection of judges and criteria especially for competitions, venue and possible sponsors or partners.

It started when Hon. Nestor B. Fongwan signed a notice of meeting that will be conducted on August 7, 2012, 2 o’clock in the afternoon at the Ben Palispis Hall in preparation for the incoming 112th Foundation Day/ ADIVAY Celebration for November 2012. The Agenda were about Committees to be formed, the activities to be conducted, the theme and other concerns.

Under planning was the creation of committees. First was the Executive Committee. This committee was headed by the Provincial Governor, Honorable Nestor

B. Fongwan and Vice-Chaired by Honorable Cresencio C. Pacalso, Provincial ViceGovernor. The members were the provincial board members including the PCL President Hon. Bernard S. Waclin, ABC President Hon. Pacito K. Donato and the SKF President Hon. Danville Alimondo.

Its functions are to supervise execution of all plans and preparations and to call officials or employees for a meeting as it may deem important.

The Steering Committee was headed by Atty. Danio L. Bolislis, Provincial Legal Officer.

All department heads were the members of this committee.


There were twenty-five committees Working Committees named and committee heads were also assigned.

Table 1. Working Committees formed for the Adivay Festival



Finance Mrs. Imelda I. Macanes

Agro-Industrial Fair Mrs. Lolita B. Bentres

Trade Fair Ms. Lucia P. Kisim

Ecumenical Service Mr. Francis S. Likigan Jr.

Mass Wedding Mrs. Juana B. Bannawe

Awards/ Recognition Day Atty. Frenzel A. Ayong

Cañao Engr. Rene S. Tabdi

Decoration Ms. Lolita B. Bentres

Mrs. Flora B. Manuel

Cleanliness and Sanitation Mrs. Augusta M. Lubos Dr. Esteban T. Piok Stage, Sounds and Lights Engr. Tuho C. Chapdian Search for Mr. and Ms. Benguet Mrs. Florita T. Bay-on Parade, Peace and Order Engr. Orlando T. Oidi

Mr. Peter P. Tip-ac

Table 1 continued…


Theatrical and Cultural Performance Street Dancing/ Drum and Lyre

Mrs. Clarita D. Prudencio

Competition Mr. Camilo B. Alumit


Information, Promotion and Advertisement /“Kapihan Sa Benguet”

Mrs. Gina D. Salamat Mr. Samson S. Fermin

General Program Mrs. Rosaline Q. Elayda

Invitation and Reception Ms. Nora S. Asiong

Jobs Fair Mrs. Gina A. Yog-a

Health Forum Dr. Esteban T. Piok

Animalandia Show / Dongba Ni Kabajo Dr. Ruben L. Cayad-an Evangelical Choral Festival Dr. Joseph A. Cabinta

Environment Forum Mr. Julius T. Kollin

Small Scale Mining Congress Mr. Julius T. Kollin

Sports Mr. Dean Mark D. Monang

Battle of the Bands

Dr. Esteban T. Piok Mr. Francis Likigan Jr.

Steering committee. The Headed by Atty. Danilo L. Bolislis, Provincial Legal Officer with all the Department Heads as his members were tasked to coordinate with the working committees and to report updates and/or concerns to the executive committee.

Twenty-eight sub-committees were formed under Working Committees.

Finance committee. The functions are; to identify possible sources of fund; to prepare and distribute solicitation letters; to properly account all collections (proceeds, donations, solicitation); and, to ensure that liquidation reports on cash advance are submitted after each activity.

Ecumenical service committee. This committee was tasked to; prepare the venue; invite religious leaders and confirm their attendance; act as ushers and liaison officers; prepare the program and prepare snacks for the guests and participating religious leaders.


Information, promotion, advertisement and “Kapihan” committee. To take charges of the information disseminations and promotion of the whole festival, to establish media networks, to secure, consolidate and prepare information materials for dissemination to the public and to coordinate the Press Conference/ “Kapihan” with the concerned agencies and committees concerned are the functions of this committee.

General program and “A Day for Former Officials and Employees” committee. This committee concerns on the procurement of the needed supplies/materials, preparation of general program of the Benguet Day/Adivay celebration in coordination with the other committees, recommendation of the guest speakers for the main events, and distribution of programs to the invited guests/participant in coordination with the Invitation Committee.

Reception and invitation Committee. The committee members were tasked to invite guests and inform participants of the Benguet Day/Adivay activities, distribute invitation letters, and to act as ushers during programs, receive visitors, guests and play hosts to the general public and prepare corsage, leis, tokens and other requirements.

Stage, sounds and lights committee. This committee was assigned to prepare /setup platforms, in coordination with concerned committees and to prepare the sound system and needed electrical connections.

Decoration committee. To decorate the venue of the following activities:

Ecumenical Service, “Kapihan” and Awards/Recognition Day, in coordination with concerned committees were the task specified to this committee.

Cleanliness and sanitation committee. The following works are assigned to the committee:

maintain cleanliness of capitol/venue of all activities except the venue for the Agro-


Industrial Fair, Trade Fair and Cañao; provide furniture; and provide needed supplies and materials.

Environment forum committee. These functions to coordinate environment awareness forum among the identified members specifically on RA 9003, invite participants and conduct massive IEC along Halsema Highway and Benguet-Viscaya Road simultaneously on November 9, 2012.

Small scale mining activity committee. The tasks given to the committee members are to prepare the program for the small scale mining activity, invite speakers, guests and participants, supervise and assist in the field competitions, mange the conduct of the parade, prepare the needs during the activity and take charge in the food preparations.

Search for Mr. and Ms. Benguet committee. To prepare invitations to interested participants from the 13 municipalities of Benguet, set criteria for selection and judging, prepare program of activities, invite judges, and coordinate with concerned committees regarding the stage set-up, electrical connections and stage decorations were the responsibilities of the committee.

Trade fair committee. The committee was tasks to prepare venue of the trade fair, invite establishments, prepare and process the contacts/documents for the rental of stalls and maintain an information and souvenir items booth.

Agro-industrial fair committee. The following functions were delegated to this committee:

prepare the venue of the agro-industrial fair; invite gusts and participants; prepare the program; maintain an information booth; prepare prizes; usher guests; prepare guidelines/criteria for the contests; facilitate the conduct of contests; and, prepare



Animalandia show committee. Preparations of the venue and program of activities, invitation and confirmation of gusts and participants, preparation f the certificates and payroll of prizes were the functions of this committee. Moreover, to facilitate the conduct of parade and competitions, purchase supplies and tokens needed, secure the required show permit, ensure safety and cleanliness of the show area, and prepare terminal report are additional tasks given.

Dog show and “Kinuday”/”Kini-ing” making contest committee. This committee is still under the Animalandia Show Committee. However, here are the functions specified for this committee: to prepare the venue and program of activities; invite/inform and confirm guests, judges and participants; to prepare the certificates and payroll of prizes; prepare the guidelines/criteria for the contest; purchase supplies and tokens needed; secure the required show permit; ensure safety and cleanliness of the show area; and prepare terminal report.

Benguet dance-drama (Theatrical and Cultural) performance competition committee. To coordinate the Benguet Dance-Drama Performance Competition with concerned agencies, invite guests and/or judges and prepare the necessary tokens, honorarium and materials were the functions given to this committee.

Souvenir making ontest committee. Responsibilities of this committee are as follows:

prepare invitations to interested participants, prepare program of activities, set criteria for selection and invite judges, facilitate the conduct of the said contest, prepare certificates and prizes. Purchase supplies and tokens needed and coordinate with approximate committees on the needed venue and equipment.


Benguet photo exhibit committee. The committee was authorized to prepare the venue in coordination with concerned agencies/personnel.

Mass wedding committee. The committee was responsible for the following tasks:

invite/inform interested couples, make arrangements with the concerned offices/agencies, coordinate with Decoration Committee regarding the venue’s set-up and prepare food for

the celebrant, couples, officials and guests.

Health Fair Committee. The committee was in charge of preparing the venue of the activity, rendering medical/dental services and identifying and coordinating with the potential partners.

Drum and lyre, marching band and street gancing competition committee. The members under this committee must perform the following functions: prepare invitations to interested participants from the different schools of Benguet; prepare program, of activities; set criteria for selection and invite judges; facilitate the conduct of the said competition; prepare certificates and payroll for prizes; purchase supplies and tokens needed; and, coordinate to the appropriate committee on the needed venue and equipment.

Awards and recognition day committee. Eight functions were specified for this committee.

These are: preparing guidelines or criteria for nomination, selecting awardees in various categories after proper verification, preparing write-ups, preparing certificates and payroll for prizes, purchase plaque for awardees, presenting list of awardees to the Governor for his approval then to the Sangguniang Panlalawigan for their appropriate action, coordinating with concerned committees regarding the stag set-up, electrical connections and decorations, and, preparing the Awards/Recognition Day Program.


Parade, peace and order committee. To invite and coordinate the participation of concerned offices/agencies and drum and lyre bands, prepare the Order of Parade, coordinate with DPWH and PNP-Traffic Management Group and to maintain peace and order for the duration of the celebration were the assigned tasks of the committee.

Canao committee. For the activity to be successful, the following functions must b performed by this committee: prepare the cultural program; coordinate with the thirteen

(13) municipalities; invite guests/participants in coordination with the Executive Committee and Invitation Committee; see to it that the needed animals, tents, woods and physical requirements are in place; take charge in the food preparation and serving; prepare dining tables for guests and officials; and, provide water and electrical services.

Battle of the bands committee. Because the activity is one of the highlights of the festival, the committee assigned has to do the following: invite/inform interested participants from the 13 municipalities of Benguet; set criteria for selection and judging; invite judges;

prepare the certificates and payroll for prizes; facilitate the conduct of the Battle of the Bands; and coordinate with the Stage, Sounds and Lights Committee and Decoration Committee regarding the stage set-up and electrical connection.

Sports committee. As part of the Adivay activities, sports tournament was also given a working group. There functions are to organize different sports competitions that include the Mr. Benguet Body-Building Competition, invite participants, prepare for judges’

honoraria and prizes, prepare certificates for participants, winners and judges and to assist, coordinate and supervise in the management and conduct of other sports related



Evangelical choral festival committee. To take charge the flow of the activity, the following functions must be conducted: invite /inform interested participants, set criteria for selection and judging, prepare the certificates and payroll for prizes, facilitate the conduct of the said competition, purchase supplies and tokens needed, invite judges, and coordinate with the Stage, Sounds and Lights Committee and Decoration Committee regarding the stage setup and electrical connections.

Second concern was the activities to be made. During the meeting there were activities identified and tentatively scheduled.

Table 2. Identified and tentative scheduled activities


ACTIVITIES November 8 Ecumenical Service

“Kapihan Sa Benguet”

November 12-14 Trade Fair

Agro-Industrial Fair

November 15 Animalandia Show

November 20

Environment Forum

November 21

November 22

Multi-Sectoral Mass Wedding (Soft blessing of gym at Wangal) Awards and Recognition Day Best Program Implementation


Table 2 continued…

- Environment/ Scale Mining - Social Work

- Health/Nutrition - Agriculture

- Sports Graduates (Provincial Scholarship

Program) Best LGU in terms of Fiscal

Management/Program Implementation for

LGUs (c/o DILG) Street Dancing, Drum and Lyre &

Marching Band Competition

Theatrical and Cultural Performance

November 23 Parade

Cañao November 24 “Sepnak”

Horse Parade/Dongba Ni Kavajo

Awarding and Closing of Agro-Industrial Fair

Closing of Trade Fair November 25 Evangelical Choral Festival

The regular Adivay Activities with no dates yet which are Search for Mr. and Ms. Benguet, Jobs Fair/ International Jobs Fair, Health Forum, Mass Wedding (at Mankayan and Kabayan/ Sablan), Small Scale Mining Congress, Battle of the Bands and Sports Tournament were also discussed.

There were other suggested activities such as A Day for Former Officials and Employees (and their families) which are not limited to retirees only and include those who resigned, A Day for OFWs and Balikbayans, A Day for Foreign Sisters-Countries

(Sisterhood Program).


The following were also discussed and adopted: All Provincial Board Members will be distributed as Co-Chair in the different committees; it was agreed that most of the members of the working committees shall come from of the office of the Committee Chairman; and Submission of the list of committee members is on August16. Regarding the budget, all committee chairmen were advised to submit their realistic budget proposal to Mrs.


The theme as ordered by the Governor that each department will submit a suggestion/

recommendation for this year’s theme to Atty. Bolislis not later than August 16, 2012. It shall focus on the province’s programs and challenges/ direction for 2013.

Other matters discussed were the nominees/ awardees for the “Clean and Green” should be separated from the Awards Program as suggested by Atty. Bolislis.

The next meeting was scheduled on August 16, 2012. Matters arose from the previous meeting was discussed including updates from the committee, theme and some other matters.

The theme, speakers, updates and instructions and the calendar of activities for the Adivay 2012 were settled in the third meeting on September 5, 2012 at the Sangguniang Panlalawigan Session Hall.

The body agreed to adopt “Accelerating Response to Social Challenges” as the theme for the 2012 Benguet Foundation Anniversary Celebration thru Adivay after an extensive discussion. “Social Challenges” connotes human, health, and education problems/ trials.


The different committees gave updates and instructions were also given. A tentative Calendar of Activities was also discussed in the meeting.

Final meeting for the Adivay Celebration was held on October 22, 2012. The main agenda was committee updates. The other concerns, as noted down by AO III/Secretariat Mrs.

Cherry Ann C. Golingab, parachute, comfort rooms, general program, process of PRs, use of grounds and budget were also discussed.

Coordination. One of the ways in organizing the activity is coordinating with the concerned and sponsoring/supporting agencies. Private and Government Agencies were the partners of different committees. This includes venue, speakers/guests, sponsorships and other concerns for the activities.

During the meeting, speakers for the programs lined up were discussed; Secretary Dinky Soliman and Secretary Ona were named to be invited as guest speakers for any of the main activities. It was decided that a copy of the Calendar of Activities will be attached to the invitation letter for them to choose which activity they would like to attend. The body decided that Senator Francis Pangilinan will be considered as an alternative speaker if Sec.

Soliman or Sec. Ona is not available.

Agro-Industrial Fairs Skills Competition was coordinated with TESDA Benguet,

Provincial Agricultural Fishery Council, Department of Trade and Industry, Benguet Gold Chain, and Benguet Technical School.

Animalandia Show Committee made arrangements with the different pony Boys Club/Association and to BSU-College of Veterinary Medicine for the Dongba ni Kavajo.

For the Dog Fun Show, DA-CAR, Livestock Division; Baguio-Benguet Feeds and


Veterinary Drugs Dealers Association; and College of Veterinary Medicine-BSU were their Supporting Institutions/Agencies.

Leaders of different churches, school heads, and business firms were invited to participate in the Ecumenical Service. Kapihan was coordinated with Philippine Information Agency (PIA) Benguet, and other local media like ABS-CBN, local radio stations and publications.

The Environment forum and Small Scale Mining Congress was collaborated with the different government and private sectors/organizations.

Trade Fair Committee, Mrs. Lucia P. Kisim, Provincial Accountant and Hon. Nelson C.

Dangwa, SP Board Member were the chairperson and co-chairman respectively, of the committee. Vice-chairs were Mrs. Imelda I. Macanes-Provincial

Treasurer, Ms. Nora S. Asiong-Provincial Budget Officer and Engr. Tuho C.

ChapdianPDD Coordinator.

Job’s Fair activity headed by Mrs. G. Yog-a, Labor and Employment Officer II and co- chaired by Hon. BenjaminC. Saguid, SP Board Member. Public Employment Service Office (PESO) of the 13 municipalities Officers including Philex Mines PESO, and BSU PESO were the members of the committee. According to Mrs. Yog-a said that the activity is in coordination with POEA and DOLE-CAR, this to check the recruitment agency is legal.

The Search for Mr. and Ms. Benguet 2012 was judged thrice. First was during the pre- pageant which includes the presentation of their Sports Attire and Talents portion. Judges were Atty. Erick Donn Ignacio from DZWT-DZWR station, Rufina Fegcan, the


DILG Provincial Director and Cordillera Science High School Head, Soraya Faculo.

Second was during the Fashion Show held at SM City Baguio where the candidates presented Ethnic Wear Attires. This was judged by Atty. Mariano Inzo, former Board Member of Sablan, Dr. Daisy Mae Tagudar from BeGH and Ms. Babel Adnol from the DILG Regional Office.

For the final pageant held at Benguet State University Gym, judges were; Atty.

Erick Donn Ignacio, Ms. Karen Nobres- Public Relation Manager of SM in North Luzon, Ms. Beverly Yong Tezon- Research Analyst at the Extel Survey of Thompson Reuters, Mr.

Geraldo Sayaan- PAMET board of Director Baguio-CAR Chapter and chairperson was Ms. Marife Vibar- Senior Manager of Security Bank-La Trinidad Branch.

The Sports Tournament Committee identified government and private sectors, inschool and Out of School Youths and sports enthusiasts as the participants of the tournament.

Benguet State University and Municipality of La Trinidad-LGU were there cooperating school and office.

Sending invitations. Still part of the planning is sending of invitation to identified target people to partake in each activity. Invitations /memos were sent to the participants, judges and speakers for the activity. Some wrote communications for solicitations for kinds.

Private companies like Smart sponsored tarpaulins and t-shirts for the activity.

Advertising/promotion. For the implementation, it was started through promotion of the events. After the activities were finalized, the general program were printed, posted and broadcast at local radio stations like DZWX-Bombo, DZWR-99.9 and DZWT-Radyo Totoo; local newspapers like Baguio Midland Courier and on official websites of the


Benguet Province and the Adivay Official Website. The only committee who has their own flyers distributed was the Dog Fun Show. All the other was included in the general program.

Communication Methods Used

The organizing body used various communication methods in the celebration of the Adivay festival. Different methods were used for internal communication and external communication. There were written, oral, face-to-face and online communications.

Meetings. Face-to-face meeting was used as a main communication method in celebrating the festival. This method was used during the planning of the festival.

Written communication. Memorandum/Letters were used to sent to the concerned agencies and offices for legal permits, invitations for participants/ judges/ speakers, sponsorships or solicitations needed for the activity.

E-mail messages/phone calls. According to the key informants, they used e-mail messages and SMS messages to follow-up some of their participants. They also used phone calls to update the different municipalities, schools and to some individuals concerned.

Websites. For the promotion of the festival, the organizers used mass communication strategies. One of these is through websites or the internet. The key informants told that they posted the calendar of activities in the official website of Province of Benguet and Adivay Festival itself. Invitations and schedules of the different activities were seen in the website.


Printed media. Aside from posters and tarpaulins (Calendar of Activities) seen at the different public posting areas, announcements about the festival were also seen in local publications. The key informants said that they sent advertisement through Baguio

Midland Courier. Tarpaulins were distributed to be posted to each municipality.

Broadcast media. According to the key informants, aside from print media using tarpaulins, brochures, leaflets and newspapers; radio broadcast in local radio stations were also utilized to promote the activity. There were announcement in the local Television.

Monitoring and Evaluation of the Adivay Activities.

Monitoring. The committee heads and its members were present during the conduct of their activity. This is to attend/assist the needs of their participants/or speaker and to make sure is everything will be at its best. Most of the committee does not have their post evaluation.

Dr. Cayad-an of the Animalandia Show said that all his members were there during the implementation. He explained that there were sub-committees who directly involved with the people. The committee asks their comments from the people about the concluded activity as their evaluation.

Trade Fair was being monitored by the committee head and members all throughout the duration. The chairperson personally visits the place from time to time check if there were sales. They also require the stall owners to submit evaluation sheet one day before the end of the activity. Unlike for the Agro-Industrial Fair, there were evaluation prepared by the committee and was distributed and collected from the beginning of the fair up to the end.


According to Ms. Bentres, a committee member is assigned to oversee the activity everyday and collect observation and give feedback to the management.

Monitoring for the Search for Mr. and Ms. Benguet were done since the rehearsals started.

According to Mrs. Bay-on, they provide snacks of the candidates during their rehearsals.

There were no evaluation done but they based it on the success of the activity.

The presence of the committees during the Health Fair showed their support to the activity said Hon. Florence Tingabaoen, committee head.

Evaluation. Steering Committee was assigned in the monitoring of Canao. Mr. Dalus said that the Governor tasked the committee to check everything before the activity will be conducted. After the celebration the Governor asks if there were problems arose if none, then it is successful.

Evaluation on the activity was conducted by the Provincial Health Office through h a meeting within their office. The objectives were met according to Hon. Florence Tingbaoen, many were treated and there were shortage of medicines.

According to Hon. Johnny Waguis, the committee on Battle of the Bands had

scheduled regular meetings of its members to update its activities related to the contest. For their evaluation there was a meeting called for the committee and every member was asked to give her/his comments and recommendations.

For sports tournament, there were representatives from the sports committee that were monitoring per activity. For Mr. Monang, the tournament was successful because the targeted numbers of participants were seen.


For other activities like Small Scale Mining Congress and the Environmental Forum, the committee served as facilitators and speakers for the activity. For the forum, according to Ms. Talosig, they were conducting their monitoring every second Friday of the month with the Barangay and Municipal LGUs concerned as part of their regular program.

Some committees also served as researcher for the activity. A Day for Former Officials and Employees was handled by Mrs. Elayda, wherein they need to research for those former officials and employees and send them invitations. The activity was new which the invited participants where very thankful of.

Problems in Communication Methods

The key informants enumerated interpersonal and non-interpersonal

communication strategies and methods used such as; meetings, coordinating to concerned offices, e.g. municipal and barangay LGUs and schools through letters or phone calls, sending invitations. In promoting the festival, posters, advertisements on radio and TV, and publication on local newspapers were used.

Majority of the key informants said that there were few problems encountered in the communication strategies used. According to Mr. Dalus, “awan met ti problema ta yearly nga activity. I-remind tayo lang isuda. Santo amu da met ti culture tayo.” (There’s no problem since it is a yearly activity, we just need to remind them. They also knew our culture). Since they belong to Indigenous People, they knew what to and what to bring said Mr. Dalus.


Albeit most of the informants said there were no problems, there are still minimal troubles as cited by the other committee.

Mr. Monang enumerated letters, texts, internet, radio and print communication strategies that have been used in the activity. According to him, letters were late same through with texts messages that were delayed. In using internet, the problem was not everybody is reached through internet while for print and radio, it’s too expensive. While for small Scale Mining Congress, there is a big problem. As cited by Engr. Cevantes, they have difficulty in reaching the small scale miners because they prefer working.

Table 3 shows the perceived problems in the communication methods by the respondents.

Lack of advertising was one of the problems listed by the key informants. According to Mrs. Salamat, the information campaign to mayors of the different municipalities and to the city is lacking. Mrs. Elayda admitted that they did not check if the invited persons received the letters sent to them. It is seconded by Dr. Cayad-an when he said that there were no assurance if they will be coming/attending. There was no immediate response.

As to the perceived challenges of the respondents to the communication methods used in promoting the festival, many (15.51%) of the respondents said that there is lack of information dissemination. Respondents wrote poor information dissemination because the advertisements do not reach other municipalities. Posters were also limited.

There were no or few flyers distributed to each municipality.

Nineteen percent (19 %) of the respondents said that there was no problem. According to them, the activities were posted earlier and were properly announced so they already knew some of the activities. A respondent said that many attended the festival.


Another problem was lack of information (11%). According to the survey respondent, in the calendar of activities, exact schedules and venue of the activity were not included.

Some said that the sudden change of schedules affected the smooth flow of the activity.

Added comments were the simultaneous schedule of the activities.

Table 3. Perceived problems in the communication methods by the respondents


(N=116) (%)

Incomplete/Lacked information




Lack of advertisements 15 12.93

Poor dissemination information




None 19 16.37

No answer 14 12.06

*multiple responses

Other comments from the respondents were about the materials used during the celebration such as sound systems and microphones and speakers. Some were about the organizing body of each municipality. One respondent said that there was no participation among the people of the same municipality. There were also problems in communicating to the officials of different towns.

Some commented on the language used. The respondent said they must use vernacular language in disseminating information. Another is to use language which local and


international tourists can understand. Others remarked on the exact information how to reach the place.

Recommendations on the Communication Methods Used

Table 4 shows the suggested activities/methods for the perceived problems on the communication methods used in promoting the festival.

Majority of the respondents suggested through posters, leaflets and broadcast media to promote the festival. Respondents said that they must have more promotional works before the activity starts.

In addition, using all possible media is one of the suggested methods. Respondents noted that they should use tri-media. Other suggestions were the broadcasting in national TV, more tarpaulins to be distributed and posted to each municipality and strengthen information dissemination for the next Adivay festival.

Table 4. Recommendations of the respondents on the problems


(N=116) (%)

Use of all possible media 10 8.62

Broadcast in National TV 7 6.03

More ads, posters, leaflet 23 19.82

Strengthen information dissemination


6. 89

*multiple responses


Table 1. Working Committees formed for the Adivay Festival
Table 3. Perceived problems in the communication methods by the respondents
Table  4  shows  the  suggested  activities/methods  for  the  perceived  problems  on  the  communication methods used in promoting the festival

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