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Academic year: 2023

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It can also be downloaded for free from the Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System (PhilGEPS) website and the website of the procuring entity, provided that bidders pay the fee for the bid documents no later than when they submit their bids. All bids must be accompanied by bid guarantees in one of the acceptable forms and in the amount specified in ITB Clause 18. Bids will be opened in the presence of the bidders' representatives who choose to be present at the address below.

9184 and with an amended set of requirements integrating eligibility documents and criteria for infrastructure projects and consulting services as set forth in Appendix E of the Revised IRR of R.A.


Unless otherwise specified in the BDS, the Bidder may subcontract parts of the Works to an extent that can be approved by the contracting entity and is specified in the BDS. In the event that a subcontractor is found by the procuring entity to be ineligible, subcontracting of such part of the works shall be prohibited. Unless otherwise stated in the BDS, the financial part of the bid must contain the following:

Unless otherwise specified in the BDS, payment of the contract price shall be made in Philippine Pesos. If the project is no longer necessary as determined by the head of the procuring entity; and. iii). If the source of funds for the project has been withheld or reduced through no fault of the Procuring Entity.


The name of the contract is CONSTRUCTION OF KALINGA LIFESTYLE MUSEUMS AND KSU ALUMNI CENTER PHASE II. The name of the Project is CONSTRUCTION OF KALINGA LIVING MUSEUM AND KSU ALUMNI CENTER PHASE II. 12.1(a)(iv) The prospective bidder shall submit a certified photocopy of PCAB license as SMALL B Size Range, License Category C & D (based on PCAB Circular No. 001, series of 2009).

Bid prices in Bill of Quantities in the prescribed Bid Form; Bid prices should be supported by signed detailed estimates with corresponding prices. Detailed estimates of the project, including a summary sheet indicating the unit prices of construction materials, labor and equipment rental or other cost items calculated in the preparation of the Bid; and. 13.1(b) ABC is one million, one hundred and sixty-four thousand, seven hundred and seventy-one Philippine pesos and ninety-one centavos (PhP.

Php if the bid security is in a bond callable on demand issued by a surety or an insurance company duly certified by the Insurance Commission as authorized to issue such security (5% of ABC); or. Any combination of the above is proportional to the proportion of form with respect to the total security amount. 29.2(a) Only tax returns filed and taxes paid through the BIR Electronic Filing and Payment System (EFPS) are accepted.

Valid, up-to-date and/or applicable licenses and/or training certificates of various Engineers and other manpower.


All materials and plants at the site will be considered the property of the Procuring Entity. The Contractor shall comply with all instructions of the Procuring Entity Representative that are consistent with the laws in force where the Location is located. The performance guarantee will remain valid until the issuance by the Procuring Entity of the Final Acceptance Certificate.

All decisions recommended by the CTRC are subject to the approval of the head of the contracting authority. All drawings prepared by the Contractor for the execution of the Temporary Works are subject to prior approval by the Representative of the Contracting Authority before use. The approval of the contracting authority's representative does not diminish the responsibility of the contractor for the design of the temporary works.

The Contractor shall obtain approval from third parties for the design of the Temporary Works, when required by the Procuring Entity. Each completed form will be verified and signed by the Procuring Entity's representative within two days of the work being done. The Procuring Entity's Representative's approval of the Work Program will not change the Contractor's obligations.

Either the client representative or the contractor may require the other to attend a management conference. Such request for payment must be verified and approved by the client's representative/project engineer. The contractor will submit to the client's representative monthly statements of the estimated value of the work performed, reduced by the cumulative amount previously approved.

A report of such verification must be sent directly to the manager of the client or his duly authorized representative.


13 All partners in the joint venture shall be jointly and severally liable to the Procuring Entity.






  • Scope of Bid
  • Source of Funds
  • Corrupt, Fraudulent, Collusive, and Coercive Practices
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Eligible Bidders
  • Bidder’s Responsibilities
  • Origin of GOODS and Services
  • Subcontracts

It intends to use a portion of the funds received for the project as defined in the BDS to cover eligible payments under the works contract. The customer and providers and contractors will respect the highest standards of ethics when ordering and executing the order, unless otherwise specified in the BDS. The relationship described above or failure to comply with this clause results in the automatic disqualification of the bidder.

Failure to comply with any of the above obligations is the responsibility of the provider concerned.


  • Pre-Bid Conference
  • Clarification and Amendment of Bidding Documents

The Bidder may, at any stage of the tendering process or during the performance of the contract, identify the subcontractor to whom part of the Works will be subcontracted. If the Bidder chooses to disclose the name of the subcontractor when submitting the bid, the Bidder will include the required documents as part of the technical component of its bid. Any supplemental/bidding bulletin issued by the BAC will also be posted on the Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System (PhilGEPS) and on the website of the relevant procuring entity, if available.

However, Bidders who have submitted bids prior to the issuance of the Supplementary/Bid Bulletin shall be informed and allowed to amend or withdraw their bids in accordance with ITB Clause 23.


  • Language of Bids
  • Documents Comprising the Bid: Eligibility and Technical Components
  • Documents Comprising the Bid: Financial Component
  • Alternative Bids
  • Bid Prices
  • Bid Currencies
  • Bid Validity
  • Bid Security
  • Format and Signing of Bids
  • Sealing and Marking of Bids

Any other document related to the financial component of the bid as set out in the BDS. a) Unless indicated in the BDS, all bids exceeding the ABC will not be accepted. The Bidder shall enter rates and prices for all items of the Works described in the Bill of Quantities. Bids shall remain valid for the period specified in the BDS which shall not exceed one hundred twenty (120) calendar days from the date of opening of tenders.

Any cross-outs, erasures or overwritings are valid only if signed or initialed by the bidder's duly authorized representative.


  • Deadline for Submission of Bids
  • Late Bids
  • Modification and Withdrawal of Bids
  • Opening and Preliminary Examination of Bids

Each copy of the first and second envelopes shall be similarly stamped by marking the inner envelope as “COPY NO. Bid modifications received after the applicable deadline will not be considered and will be returned to the Bidder unopened. Bids required to be withdrawn in accordance with ITB Clause 23.1 will be returned to bidders unopened.

If the representative is not present, the offer will be returned unopened by registered mail.


  • Process to be Confidential
  • Clarification of Bids
  • Detailed Evaluation and Comparison of Bids
  • Post Qualification
  • Reservation Clause

Documents, said certification can be submitted instead of the requirements listed in ITB clause 12.1(a), points (i) to (vi). An adverse determination will result in rejection of the Bidder's Bid, in which case the Procuring Entity shall proceed to the next lowest calculated Bid to make a similar determination of the Bidder's ability to perform. Within a period not exceeding seven (7) calendar days from the date of receipt of recommendation from the BAC, the head of the procuring entity shall approve or disapprove said recommendation.

If the physical and economic conditions have changed significantly, so that the project is no longer economically, financially or technically feasible, as determined by the head of the client;. ii).


  • Contract Award
  • Signing of the Contract
  • Performance Security
  • Notice to Proceed

Within three (3) calendar days from the date of approval of the Contract by the appropriate governmental approval authority, the Contracting Entity will issue its Notice of Transfer to the Bidder. The completion date is the date of completion of the works as certified by the contracting entity's representative, in accordance with GCC clause g.49. The Contract Price is the price stated in the Letter of Acceptance and subsequently payable by the Contracting Authority to the Contractor for the performance of the Works in accordance with this Contract.

Work(s) relate to the permanent works and the temporary works to be performed by the Contractor in accordance with this Contract, including (i) the provision of all labour, materials, equipment and other ancillary, necessary or convenient items for the full performance of the work. To work; (ii) passing any pre-acceptance tests by the contracting entity's representative; (iii) and perform all duties and obligations of the Contractor imposed by this Contract, as described in the VCA. The contractor shall submit the name and details of the person authorized to receive instructions on behalf of the contractor to the contracting authority for approval. The performance guarantee made in favor of the contracting authority lapses if it is established that the contractor is in default of fulfilling any of its obligations under the contract.

The client can release the security deposit for performance and return it to the contractor after the issuance of the certificate of final acceptance under the following conditions: From the start date until the issuance of the certificate of final acceptance, the following are the risks of the client: a). In case of insolvency of the contractor, any equipment of the contractor ordered by the client in the notice must be used until the completion of the work;

In the absence of the CPES evaluation sheet, the existing performance monitoring system of the procuring entity will be applied. The Procuring Entity's representative may ask the contractor to provide an estimate of the expected effect of the future event or circumstance on the contract price and completion date. The representative of the Procuring Entity shall notify the contractor of any defects before the end of the defect liability period, which is one (1) year from the completion of the project to final acceptance by the Procuring Entity.

The first progress payment may be paid by the Procuring Entity to the Contractor provided at least twenty percent (20%) of the work has been completed as certified by the Procuring Entity's Representative. Upon completion of the entire Works, the Contractor may replace retention money with an "on demand" Bank Guarantee in a form acceptable to the Procuring Entity. The timeframe for processing Change Orders from preparation to approval by the Head of the relevant Procuring Entity shall not exceed thirty (30) calendar days.

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“All BAC members shall be on a “jury duty” type of assignment until the Notice of Award is issued by the HOPE in order to complete the entire procurement process at the earliest