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Academic year: 2023

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It also contains the Dean's message to the graduates following the tradition of its regular distribution during the examination period. Its processes aim to be inclusive, empowering and transformative for social workers and the people they work with. This relationship is a significant determinant of the success of the process and the results of social work.

An awareness process in humans is knowledge production that leads to the empowerment of the tao. The Department of Women and Development Studies (DWDS), the newest academic unit of CSWCD, has also contributed to CSWCD's understanding of the relationship between power and knowledge, and the view that the personal is also political. Furthermore, the CSWCD recognizes that power relations are differentiated in its teaching, research and extension activities --- between the individuals and communities it serves; between the members of the research team such as between the professor and the student;.

For example, this institutional responsibility serves as the basis for CSWCD's financial rules and regulations that guide our teaching, research, and extension activities, which are themselves embodiments of the relevant UP rules and regulations and state laws. This justifies CSWCD's guideline that all its teaching, research and extension activities must be in line with its vision, mission and goals. CSWCD recognizes that the principle of fairness should also apply to members of the teaching, research and/or advisory team itself.

Our practice and experience point to real issues related to the predominance of the logical-positivist and empiricist philosophy of science in the criteria for what is valued as scholarship.


The 2014-2015 academic year was another inspiring and productive year for the faculty and students of the Department of Community Development. The Department of Community Development (DCD) remains the largest department in CSWCD with 15 full-time faculty members, eight lecturers and two professors emeritus. Five faculty members are pursuing undergraduate and graduate studies as part of the Department's faculty development plan.

Student enrollment and course offerings. Our student enrollment in the graduate and undergraduate programs continued to grow in AY with community development majors making up more than 50 percent of the total student population of CSWCD. DCD Curricular Review. The current BSCD curriculum was approved and implemented in 2011; therefore, the ongoing internal formative review process is aimed at improving the curricula and delivery of existing courses. The participants were very appreciative of how the program expanded their understanding of international social development and of the CSWCD's hospitality.

For this year, the Department coordinated the National Service Training Program (NSTP) of the College, with Prof. Conducted in four research areas in Guiuan, Eastern Samar, Palo, Leyte, and San Francisco, Cebu, the study is part of a joint program on Understanding and Communicating Risk for Community-Based DRRM jointly developed with the Department of Anthropology and Geography of CSSP. Other faculty members were also involved in various research ventures such as Prof.

A highlight in the department's long-standing plea for university recognition and promotion of extension work is the approval by the UPD University Council of the new extension policy and guidelines in February 2015. Prof. dr. Bawagan has since been appointed director of UPD's Office of Extension Coordination, while Prof. Pagaduan was elected member of the University Council Committee on Extension Services. The second is the series of orientation sessions on community-based disaster risk reduction and management and climate-resilient agriculture and fisheries conducted as part of the DOST-funded action research project in Guiuan, Eastern Samar, Candahug, Palo, Leyte and San Francisco. Cebu in January-February 2015.

Most recently, the department participated in the implementation of community organizing and community development training for implementers of the Community Fish Landing Centers project, which took place in April and May 2015. The department hosted a study visit and field instruction exchange to the College of Communications Development, UP in Los Banos July 18, 2014. Professors Lenore dela Cruz and Theresa Tungpalan also hosted the students of National Taipei University International Volunteer Group (NTU-IVG) and lectured them on DRRM orientation and the role of academia in disaster risk reduction: The CSWCD Experience was held on June 23, 2014 and January 27, 2015.




Doctor of Social Development: Continuing the Initial Harvests of Success (Report for the Period June 2014-May 31, 2015)

Doctor of Social Development: Continuation of the initial harvest of success (Report for the period June 2014-31 May 2015). In line with the CSWCD's vision to serve the nation and the global community, the DSD program has begun to establish academic partnership and collaboration with universities in Asia. During the visit of dr. Luna, DSD director and dr. Oscar Ferrer, last 25 May 2015 at TLU, they met with the university officials, namely prof. Pham Huy Dung, Vice Chancellor;.

Dang Canh Khanh, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities; and prof. Le Thi Quy, Head of the Social Work Department. As part of the academic enrichment of the Doctor of Social Development students enrolled in SD 303 Social Development Strategies and SD 304, a study tour was held in Hanoi, Vietnam from May to see how social development is in a socialist state. As part of the cultural appreciation, they visited temples and institutions where TLU social work students work.

A very important part of the study tour was holding a workshop on social work and social development at TLU, where both UP and TLU professors and doctoral students presented papers. There were 187 students and teachers who participated in the workshop from different universities in Hanoi. The Research and Extension for Development Office (REDO) continues to strive for excellence in promoting participatory, pro-poor and gender-responsive development strategies.

Its main functions include capacity building, technical assistance, support services and advocacy under the direction of Prof. Almazan from the Department of Social Work until the beginning of 2015. Research within the ABK3 Leap program, a. Partnership with World Vision Philippines and UP Social Action Research for Development Foundation, Inc. UPSARDF) is still in full swing with the release of the study titled, Analysis of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Hazards among Child Workers in Sugar Production. Studies on the Implementation of Land Reform in Selected Sugarcane Farms and its Implications on Child Labor and Child Labor and Migration Patterns of SACADA Children and Their Families in Selected Sugarcane Plantations in the Philippines are being completed also under the leadership of Prof.

With the Asian NGO Coalition (ANGOC), REDO participated in a project entitled, Strengthening the impact of the soil monitoring component of LWA by improving data generation, validation and use. The training on Community Organizing work amid evolving concerns in social development (SO) was conducted last October with 32 participants, of which 11 were government employees, 10 worked for NGOs and 11 were employees of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). An Essential Skill for Social Development Practitioners (Advocacy) was conducted last April with 20 participants – 10 were government employees, 4 were from academia and 6 were CSR employees.

CSWCD UPDATES Research and Extension for Development Office

The SRO serves a lot to the "public": the faculty of the PSK, students and staff, other units of the UP and the general public who ask about ours. CSWCD Library staff will continue to support the college's vision, mission, and goals by providing access to the library resources, facilities, and services needed by college members for the successful pursuit of its academic programs. The PSK Administrative Office supports the wide range of College activities from personnel, finance, communications, transportation, procurement of equipment and supplies, and maintenance of buildings and grounds.

CSWCD administrative staff and other members of the CSWCD community held their team building activity in Iba, Zambales last June 13 to 14, 2015. The little angels from the College of Social Work and Community Development came together to celebrate Christmas on December 12, 2014 The sixteen (16) children, grandchildren, nephews and nieces of the administrative staff, REPS and faculty members were welcomed by Dr.

We thank everyone who contributed to the success of “Wagas na Takbuhan Para sa Kawani ng Bayan 2015” - the administrative staff willingly shared their time and effort, the support of our dear Dean Joyce, faculty members, REPS, students and runners from various units of UP , family and friends. With this attitude comes his enthusiasm and continued dedication to supporting the projects and activities of the CSWCD Alumni Association. I told them that in deciding how the money would be spent, I asked the question, "Who will Jesus Christ be looking for when He visits the Torres High School campus?" The answer came back to me clearly – the students in the lower divisions, the ones who don't get the attention of the teachers, at least not the kind they give to those in the higher divisions.

Mary Lou Alcid was invited to speak on the issue of migration entitled "The social cost of migration in the light of socio-economic and political global challenges: Is it worth it?". As the highest representative of students in the college, he upholds the rights and protects the welfare of every Iskolar ng Bayan. On June 23, 2014, National Taipei University visited CSWCD and talked with student council members and other local organizations.

The students also conveyed to the Student Regent's Office its position to reject STS and all other neoliberal policies. Student council members accompanied the first-year college student to the UP Freshie Assembly held on August 11, 2014. SW and CD students helped design and create the KPSK beacon.

Faculty, administrative staff and REPS of the College attended the Community Informatics (CI) Training last November in the seminar room. Book titled “Shifting Paradigms: Strengthening Institutions for Community-Based Risk Reduction and Management,” the study was highly praised for its use of social media.

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