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Southeast Asia Journal Volume 10(1), 1977-1978


Academic year: 2023

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This classification system then directs group members to behave toward each other according to their position in the shared framework. The child is closely related to this unit, which consists of relatives of both parents. It is this selective aspect of organization that often obscures the basic rules of kinship.

Teknonymy refers to the use of a child's name to refer to its parents. Biras, on the other hand, refers to the husband/wife of Ego's spouse's siblings. Godparents, called maninoy (male) and maninay (female), contribute to the upbringing and education of the child.


They fired any shots of theirs during the two days we passed in the city. This he did because in the Battle of Brunei troops from Sulu fought on the side of the Bruneis. The Spanish again managed to drive out Sultan Rejal, destroying much of his city in the process.

Perhaps the sultan realized that given the separation from Sulu and Spain's much stronger position in Luzon and the Visayas, it was futile to hope to regain her former territories in the Philippines.


  • Self-concept and Socioeconomic Status
  • Self-concept and IQ
  • Socioeconomic Status and Sex
  • IQ and Sex
  • Socioeconomic Status and IQ
  • Self-concept, Socioeconomic Status and Sex
  • Self-concept, IQ and Sex
  • IQ, Socioeconomic Status and Sex 1. When SES was allowed to vary and
  • Self-concept, SES and IQ

Among the "rich", a significant difference in performance was found between those with high self-concept and those with low self-concept (F = 26.74), but the achievement of the two higher or the two lower self-concept subgroups could not be separated. No significant Scheffe F was obtained in the comparisons between any pair of means for file subgroups of the poor when self-concept was allowed to vary. When SES was allowed to vary and self-concept was controlled, the only significant difference in performance was obtained between the middle class and the poor in the average self-concept group (F = 18.48).

When socioeconomic status and gender were controlled, no comparison yielded any significant difference between the subgroups of men with high, average, or low self-concept, but among the females, one comparison yielded a significant difference from means, that between the high self concept. and the low self-concept in the middle class group. When SES was in turn varied and self-concept and gender were controlled, no comparison of means yielded any significance. It appears that where self-concept, SES and sex were contributing factors in performance, self-concept and SES appeared to be significant.

When IQ and gender were controlled for and self-esteem varied, no significant difference of means was obtained between the male subgroups. Similarly, no significant difference was found between the female subgroups when self-esteem varied and IQ and gender were controversial. When self-concept varied and SES and IQ were controlled, no significant comparison was obtained.

When SES was varied and IQ and self-concept were controlled, no significant value was obtained from comparisons of means. This may also mean that where both self-concept and IQ were included, SES and achievement had no significant relationship.


The differences between the respective means of the two groups' results were tested for significance at the 0.05 percent level. The study revealed that Method II, the modified audiolingual method, is more effective than Method I, the pure audiolingual method, in teaching English grammar to first-year university students, as shown in both immediate and delayed recall. Among subjects with high mental ability, results show that method II is more effective than method I i.

Although the results showed that the younger subjects achieved higher scores than the older subjects did, further investigation showed that the reason the older group did not benefit as much from the modified-audiolanguage method as the younger group did was, that the older group had lower mental abilities than the younger group.

Teacher and Student Perceptions of the Emphasis Placed on Specific

To the question, which guidance functions do the students and teachers perceive as getting enough or too much weight. 3 According to 60%, no advisory function has been given too much weight or no weight at all. The teachers perceived that the following functions need more emphasis: assisting students with brief orientation program, advising students on appropriate programs and curricula, and conferring with students prior to college admission.

The teachers are assessed as better indicators than the students when it comes to assessing guidance functions. The teachers admittedly declared certain functions that required more emphasis, even though this would mean more additional responsibilities. Detailed plans must be made with the other deans and department heads to organize a corps of academic advisors in the college to advise on plans of study.

Teachers must be informed of the different areas of guidance functions available to students at the start of the year. A continuing education program for teachers and teacher advisors of advisor functions they may do without every day.


Letter of Nicholas Loney to General Jose Lemery

But since the commencement of steam communication with the South by means of the little steamer "Esperanza," and more particularly since the rapid increase of mercantile transactions with Australia and England in the island of Panay, the subject has attracted attention in this country. It is not a point of very great importance, as, in the event of no grant being made, the company's operations would be limited to two small steamers alone, which would be expected to make a sufficient profit from passenger and freight traffic; but in any case if Y.E. Mentioning this matter to the Director of the Borneo Company, of that city — a company which has important transactions with the () East — he made some remarks respecting the route by which the European mails at present reach Manila, which Y.E.

That difficulty would be overcome if the steamers would run between Singapore and Zamboanga and Manila during the periods of the strong lunar sun;. The merchandise sold at Singapore is much more adapted for the consumption of the Muhammadan population of Sooloo and Mindanao than that imported at Manila, which is much more suited to the taste of the Christianized population of the Philippines and, moreover, greatly increased in price is by the duties at Manila and the cost of transportation from that market to Zamboanga. There is nothing more wonderful in commercial history than the increase of the European trading element in China and the East generally during the last ten years, but more especially in China.

Your Excellency may be interested to know that the progress of the new port of Yloilo, the chief commercial center of the rich island of Panay (so justly called the "Pearl of the Filipinas"), has been very rapid of late. The operations of his house at Yloil will be on a large scale to supply the sugar refineries of Melbourne and Sydney. I have been in communication with Sir Charles Bright, who is one of the most eminent telegraph engineers in this country, and who is also a friend of Mr.

Sir Charles Bright is at present engaged in constructing the telegraph line from Calcutta to Rangoon. I enclose a copy of the Labuan Company's tender for the supply of coal to steamers calling at that port, and certificates of its satisfactory quality, and a very favorable notice of the present state of the coal mines at Labuan.


In my report of April, 1857, when I alluded to the defective nature of the process employed in breaking the cane and cooking it. The increase in the value of land and animals was a natural consequence of the greater agricultural activity described above. The present system of plowing is merely scratching the surface of the soil, and even that is imperfectly executed.

I also noted that in 1853 purchases by the Governors of the various provinces of the island were stopped. Here in the Bisayan Islands, the position and feelings of the natives are completely different. Of the other products that are said to be able to be produced in large quantities in the future, coffee and cotton are the most important.

In the same places, the seed was obtained and some through the priests of the pueblo, and the Governor of the province has dis. It is probable that the agriculturists will pay much more attention to this, one of the most promising products of the island, to the culture of which recent events in America have given an added interest. The "Sinamay" article, or native pine-apple leaf fiber textures, especially so.

Much raw white (Tysan ​​and Tsatlee) silk is still imported from China, through Manila, and is quickly used in weaving the large quantities of indigenous goods produced annually in this densely populated district. I can report little or no progress on the part of the government with regard to local improvement of the port. A number of the prisoners recaptured by the gunboats in the actions alluded to and brought in here were very seriously injured by the pirates when the latter felt escape was impracticable.

The opening for foreign trade of the port of Zebu and the establishment there of a Government Intention, with con.


Southeast Asia And The Germans

Among the Germans who made a name for themselves in Indonesia was Franz Wilhelm Junghuhn who explored the volcanoes of Java and Sumatra. In the Philippines, the first botanist was not a Spaniard, but a German, Georg Joseph Kamel, who was bom in Moravia. He came to the Philippines as a Jesuit priest in 1688 and became an apothecary and apothecary at the Jesuit college in.

There is a chapter on other Germans who came to the Philippines and made their mark on Philippine history and culture. As we can recall, the Filipino national hero had many friends in Germany, among whom were Ferdinand Blumentritt, Adolf Meyer, Louis de Wecker, Pastor Ullmer and Frederich Ratzel.


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