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Academic year: 2023

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A brief excursion into Iloilo of the last century will help to make this matter clear. Ang Lenguaje sang Panuelo cag Abanico" ("The language of the handkerchief and the fan.") Heeven produced a political tract entitled. Both the study of change and alternatives are rooted in knowledge of the past and the present.

The Artificial Creation Of Life And What It Means For The Future Of The Human Race. Malthus may be right in the future because of two changes that occurred with the advent of the twenties. Blizzard, "The Role of the Minister of the Rural Congregation, the Protestant Seminaries, and the Sciences of Social Behavior," Religious Educa.

Towards the end of this period, influences from neighboring countries stimulated dramatic changes in the way of life.


And that at the adjacent island of Negros, whose sugar is all sent to the Iloilo market, there was but one iron mill in 1857, and that thirteen iron mills are now known. By the end of the year, he says there will be more than 30 such iron mills in operation in Negros and Iloilo. Vice-Consul sul Loney explains in his report, this introduction of machinery and this increase in sugar cultivation were excluded.

Vice-Consul Loney reports that various imports for Iloilo have already been sent from England through Manila, and that one of the objects of his present visit to Ing. Your Lordship may peruse with satisfaction these statements which show the rise and increase of the British trade with that new port of the Philippines, and the beneficial influence of that trade, in cultivation. For years I persistently cultivated every means I could affect to promote that object, as my despatches from time to time reported, and when in 1854 and 1855 the crises of the struggle came on, it was only carried out after an obstinate conflict which I had to direct and manage against local prejudices and inter.

Since then the self-acting power of a new public principle, has been put into operation, and illustrates itself by its result, and the liberal commercial views of the government at Madrid, in relation to those possessions, and that of the Captains-General here, of itself extending its application, and recently a new port for foreign trade was opened on Zebuan Island of the Philippines to the south - and which, with other islands adjacent, was united in a new general government of Bisayas (depending on the Captain General here) for overseeing the existing local governments and au. thorities and stimulation of the deve. use of the resources of these parts.

A Comparison of the Effectiveness of the Single-rater and the Multirater Procedure

School Teacher

It was recommended that school administrators be given the choice of which assessment process to use in their schools. The multirater process is particularly useful when a principal has many teachers to rate or when he is not very sure of his own assessment of teacher performance. Only when there is a congruence between the principal's self-perception of his supervisory behavior and the teachers' perception of it, can he use it to his advantage.

On the other hand, the way in which the single-rater procedure is used needs to be improved, especially the conduct of an evaluation interview. Higher school officials must devise a means by which this step in the grading process is actually carried out.

A Study of the Modernity Attitude of Married Women and Its Relation to Fertility *

The mean of the entire group was found to be practically the same for all levels of socio-economic status, which indicates that respondents with high, medium or low SES are equally modern in the matter of purchasing tools their livelihood. No significant difference was observed between the means of respondents with low and medium SES and between the mean. No significant difference was found between the average college and high school respondents.

The difference between the medians of dropouts and users was found to be significant in favor of dropouts. The median of users was found to be significantly higher than the medians obtained for dropouts, nonadopters, and those who did not know. The "true" correlation obtained when the possible "effects" of the three other variables were controlled for was 0.09, an insignificant and negligible correlation.

No change occurred when the possible “effects” of the other three variables were controlled for. Expressing the relationship as a percentage using the coefficient of determination showed that only 5.29 percent of the axis. This research shows that most of the ignorant, low-educated and poorer people came from the barrios with the most pregnancies.

It is strongly recommended that a separate study be conducted on the modernist attitude of husbands in relation to the number of wives' pregnancies. The current study used only the modernist attitude of the wives and found a slight correlation. Therefore, from a study using only one of them, the likely role of the other can be suspected.

A Study of Wives ’ Motivations and Aspirations and Their Relationship to Family Planning

Behavior and Fertility

The barrio wives gave the highest mean perceived importance to the social need to be accepted by the neighbors. For the city's wives, the gap was greatest for the need to give their children a high school and university education and to provide security for the future. On the other hand, the wives from the agricultural community showed the biggest gap in terms of these needs, apart from the need to provide the children with high school and university education.

On the need to feel happy and con. in the tent, women from the fishing community had the lowest mean perceived fulfillment or expectation of fulfillment and therefore the largest gap. Regarding the need to feel happy and satisfied, both accepters and dropouts had the same mean perceived fulfillment. In terms of fulfilling the five needs, the connection or connection with the place of residence was found for the need to provide children with secondary and college education, security and the need for self-actualization.

The relationship between the perceived importance of the need for prestige and types of economic community was slight but present, but the rest of the associations were very low and even nilon the need to provide the children with high school education. The associations between the per. fulfillment or hope of fulfillment of the five needs and types of economic community was slight, and even negligible about the need to have a comfortable home. About the perceived fulfillment or hope for fulfillment of these needs,. the associations were slight for most of the needs, but very low or negligible for the need to own property and the social need to be accepted by the neighbors.

A significant correlation was obtained between the perceived importance of es. Teem had to provide children with a high school education and socioeconomic status, as there was a marked tendency for women of higher socioeconomic status to place more importance on needs. Negligible correlations were found between. the perceived importance of the need for an adequate income or salary and the need to provide children with secondary and tertiary education. and family planning.

A Study of Socio-Economic Status of Married Women and Its Relationship to Their Fertility

The average pregnancy of the "Low SES" group is lower than the "Middle SES" or "High SES" group. The mean differences between the low and medium, low and high groups were significant at the 1% level. NoSchooling and Bachelor's Degree Elementary and Bachelor's Degree Secondary and Bachelor's Degree High School and Bachelor's Degree The trend showed that as educational attainment increased, the number of pregnancies decreased. Farmers' wives had the highest average pregnancies followed by artisans' and process workers' wives and fishermen's wives.

Only 0.04 percent of the variance in the number of pregnancies among the sample was attributed to respondents' place of residence. Aneta correlation of 0.17 showed that the correlation between number of pregnancies and means of community income was also low but significant. Number of pregnancies and income There appeared to be no correlation between fertility and income The correlation value of -0.06 was not significant.

The relationship, which was low and negative but significant, was no longer significant when all effects of the other variables were controlled for. The socio-economic status of the family as a whole bears little relation to fertility. The women from the barrios are pregnant more often than the women in the cities.

Changes in attitudes and values ​​that can only be brought about by education can in the long run cause women to limit the number of children they have. Since SES can only account for 13 percent of the variance in fertility, another study needs to be done on the other factors that are related.

A n Evaluation of Compact Farms and Sel das as Channels for Improving Credit Repayment Under The Masagana 99

Rice Production Program in Compact Farm Areas in Panay, Philippines 1/

An evaluation of compact farms and seldas as channels for improving credit amortization among the Masagana 99. High levels of farm knowledge sharing with the group were reported by the modified CF farmers (60%) and the modified Selda farmers (53 %). five percent of Original CF farmers and 57 percent of Original Selda farmers reported low levels of farm knowledge sharing with the group. All Selda farmers claimed a low net yield (less than ₱2680 per acre) as reported by 71 percent of Original Selda farmers and 66 percent of Modified Selda farmers.

Among CF farmers, 59 percent of those belonging to the modified organization had high net returns of ₱2,680 and above per hec.

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