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Academic year: 2023

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The thesis defense, both the proposal defense and the final thesis defense, are the responsibility of the thesis student. Approval of the prospectus enables the student to enroll in the thesis seminar class. The thesis advisor must approve and sign the form indicating acceptance of the advising role for the student.

An external reader who is an expert in the area of the thesis will be added for the final thesis defense. The adviser will be responsible for the recommendation of the thesis proposal and the final thesis for submission to the program director andthe Academic Dean for defenses. The Thesis Seminar is usually taken in the fist summer of the MA or MST program.

The defense of the thesis proposal ideally takes place at the end of the thesis seminar class. Students must hand in the final copy of the thesis two weeks before the expected defense date. The thesis defense takes place when the student finishes the thesis, after approval by the advisor.

The student briefly presents the main ideas of the thesis in a five (5) minute presentation (see Appendix 3: Oral defense format).


It is like telling the story of the research that was done before with the conclusions and implications that the researcher draws from it. Galvin, Writing Literature Reviews: A Guide for Students of the Social and Behavioral Sciences, 2nd ed. Create an outline that indicates the flow of the argument to be made by studying the literature.

In general, the literature is presented in order from general questions to specific questions. There are two main areas of literature review: (1) related literature, or sometimes called conceptual literature, and (2) related studies. These can be identified either by the arrangement of the chapters or in the bibliography sections.

Any reference to literature that the students make in part of the thesis should be included in their literature review. There should be a mixture of the thesis author's paraphrases and comments along with citations from the literature and cited material. Presents the research findings mainly in words that emphasize understanding the perspective of the research participants and downplays the generalizability of those understandings to the larger population.

Case study research collects information related to one or a small number of cases in order to gain a perspective on the cases. The rationale for the method used or the reasons for choosing that method should be given. A description of the adoption, construction and management of the research facilities (instruments) should be included.

Many data collection tools require field testing to help ensure clarity of explanations for the subjects. Mention practical implications that can be drawn from the finding(s) and conclusions of the study. Most of the production thesis chapters are very similar to the research thesis, but they have unique features, especially for chapters 4 and 5.

Survey of Related Literature, Studies and Works

PROJECT/PRODUCTION AFGA PROJECT/PRODUCTION AFGA PROJECT/PRODUCTION AFGA PROJECT/PRODUCTION AFGA. This includes the production of a film, video, stage play, installation art, multimedia, website, DVD, book or curriculum production. The student must indicate the styles in these films that can be used in the production.

In this chapter, there is a need for adequate document analysis if the production is in written form, such as books or curriculum projects. While the second chapter of a production thesis does not serve the same purposes as a research thesis, there should still be reference to seminal productions of this type and a relatively complete summary of what has been done showing where the gap in knowledge or contribution the student will address with his production .

Methods and Procedures

However, care should be taken to ensure that all licenses are credited or permissions granted (if any are required) before proceeding.


Summary and Evaluation of the Production, Conclusions, and

The committee members will return their evaluations to the supervisor two weeks after receiving the project/production for the student to incorporate these comments into their 5th chapter. The student's thesis defense will include a presentation of a project or production. Footnotes are the preferred format for theses in the humanities (including the disciplines of Scripture, theology, and history).

The thesis tells the story of the collected information and the processes one goes through in research. In other words, if the pointing makes a difference to the argument of the thesis, then it must be. If the pointing makes no difference to the argument of the statement, it should not be included.

This should be followed by the translation of the word enclosed in single quotes. Note: For Hebrew, use only consonantal text ("no punctuation"), unless the punctuation of the text is at issue in the thesis. The poem can be treated as block quotations or have its longest line centered across the full width of the text.

The first page of each chapter may have the page number in the upper right corner of the page within the margin. Headings are indented at the beginning of the paragraph, sentence style capitalized with a period at the end, and bold with the text that continues on the same line. Question marks (?), semicolons (;), exclamation points (!) and others are placed outside the closing quotation marks (”) unless the punctuation marks are included in the quotation.

It is an integral part of the educational process, where learning takes place in an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect. Each part of the thesis is informed by work completed in research methods, qualitative/quantitative research, thesis workshop and thesis writing courses. Theoretically, the duration of the thesis depends on the topic and content of the thesis.

However, for the sake of the writing process, APNTS implements the maximum number of words. Upon completion of the thesis writing, the student must bind at least six copies of the thesis to submit to the academic dean for final approval of the degree.

Thesis Requirements and Deadlines

Students who do not plan to walk during May graduation should consult their advisor about defense dates at other times of the year. The student will give a five-minute explanation of the importance and benefit of his or her work for the wider scholarly and church community. The committee members will send their corrected and annotated copies of the thesis to the advisor.

Any member of the thesis committee may request to see revisions of the proposal before issuing their approval. If a committee member so requests, the thesis advisor must work with the committee member throughout the review process. Does the author discuss ideas extensively and has he combined theses material from different fields of research?.

Are the conclusions more than a summary of the main topics covered or a restatement of the research problem?. Does the thesis demonstrate a thorough understanding of the topic and content and contain original examples and illustrations?. Mastery of a topic is demonstrated by the ability to answer unexpected questions about the topic.

The thesis is above average, but may demonstrate a topic that is less demanding or does not demonstrate sufficient independent and innovative thinking about the topic in the written or oral presentation. 32 – 34 B+ GoodGoodGoodGood – Requires many corrections to the writing and possibly some revisions to the research structure or method. The subject is very basic and the oral presentation may show some clear deficiencies in the author's understanding of the subject or evaluation of results.

25 – 27 B- Satisfactory Satisfactory Satisfactory Satisfactory – Major revisions are needed in writing and possibly research design. Sufficient – ​​Major revisions are needed in the writing and the research design or evaluation of results may be flawed. Any member of the thesis committee may request to see final revisions of the thesis before signing their approval.

I would like to see and approve the thesis revisions before final printing (please check the box). Faculty of the Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree.

Thesis Topic Approval and Consent Form

Oral Defense Format

The oral defense for both the proposal and final thesis defense will be open to the public. The duration of the proposal will be one and a half (1 ½) hours, while the final defense will be allocated two (2) hours. The oral defense will be led by either the Academic Dean or Program Director, who must first call the advisor to introduce the student, including his or her baccalaureate background and professional goals, and to pray.

This will be followed by cross-examination of the committee members in an order designated by the chairman. Within two days, the advisor also forwards to the student, the committee members and the academic dean the changes that the committee members recommend during the oral.

Thesis Proposal Evaluation Form

4.0 – 3.0: Passed, with possible revisions for continuation (student enrolls in thesis writing upon approval of thesis advisor). Passed, with possible additional proposal defense by the committee (student registers for thesis writing after approval of the committee and thesis advisor).

Final Thesis Evaluation Form

The thesis formally passes, but realistically there are many shortcomings that must be resolved before the thesis is ready for publication.

Title Page Example

Signature Page Example

Thesis Abstract Form

Copyright Page Example

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