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Web-based Document Management System for Shop Drawings


Academic year: 2023

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Various literature was reviewed and relevant parties were interviewed to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the traditional existing document management system. The proposed system uses chat boxes for communication of each involved user, storage of the file uploaded, and approval and review of the files; so it would make the submission paperless.

Company Background

The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBok) framework is one of the various project management frameworks. This type of certificate was sponsored by the Project Management Institute (PMI.org), which produced the PMBok (Hassib, 2018).

Objectives of the Practicum

The next sub-process is execution, where the project team, composed of relevant professionals, carries out the tasks according to the prepared plans. While the work is being done, the team tracks and manages the project regarding the baselines.

Significance of the Practicum

Practicum Schedule

About the Project

The construction floor area of ​​the project is calculated at a total of almost 220 square meters. Unfortunately, the total cost of the project cannot be disclosed and cannot be disclosed for any purpose due to a non-disclosure agreement or confidentiality agreement.

Figure 2.2.2 Organizational Chart of the Project Management Team for Solaire  Metro North Project
Figure 2.2.2 Organizational Chart of the Project Management Team for Solaire Metro North Project

Practicum Program Activities

Problems and Issues Encountered

When the stakeholders are indifferent to the activity at the site, it has resulted in rework and delays. There are times when the management and the contractor do not communicate well, which has led to slippage and the team sometimes remains unaware of the issue.

Table 2.3 – Strength and Weaknesses of the Existing Document Management System
Table 2.3 – Strength and Weaknesses of the Existing Document Management System

Lessons Learned

As the proposed web-based system will be introduced to the staff already used to the existing manual system, capacity building is needed to train the staff and require young engineers to understand and operate the web-based system. The proposed web-based system should also implement coding systems that let project participants know which version of a file they are looking at, since shop drawings mostly have many revisions during the project's construction.

Review of Related Web-based Programs

  • Yahoo! Briefcase
  • Apple IDisk
  • FileNet Content Manager
  • Pinpoint
  • Absence and Leave Management Software – Employee Tracking System
  • MaxxVault
  • Web-based Enrollment System

The Pinpoint document management system is a great fit for small businesses because it can be hosted on-premises or in the cloud and works with all types of computers. Also, the system has an integrated document management system and electronic forms for record keeping purposes.

Comparison of Existing Document Management System vs the Proposed Web-

Note: ✔ means that the document management system has the listed product feature and x means that the listed product feature is not available. As seen from the comparison table, the proposed web-based document management system has all the functions required for better and efficient documentation. It also provides organizations with general insights into the functions of the proposed web-based document management system.

As stated earlier, it will focus on shop drawings and if further developed, it will be extended to all construction documents, which will be an advantage and ease of use for construction-related companies. There are also other document management systems that cater to the construction industry, however, they are much like the six (6) examples from the table that may be suitable but not exactly for the construction industry. The main difference that sets the proposed web-based document management system apart from all other existing document management systems is its special feature which is role-based menus (See Appendix C).

Therefore, on any project or location, a role determines the functions available and the assessments and actions to take.

Identification of Critical Areas in the Proposed Web-Based Document Management

  • Database
  • Database Management
  • Integrated Information System
  • Management Information System
  • Data Security and Privacy Issues in Organizational Context
  • Data Governance
  • Data Integration and Warehousing

New types of data can be applied to the database without disturbing the current structure. The first internal integration focuses on integrating information technologies in a corporate enterprise and the extent to which different systems are connected within the enterprise and can communicate with each other to facilitate information sharing within the organization. This partner involves integrating all distribution operations with suppliers and client operations in the supply chain.

According to the journal of Murti, G.T (2016) regarding the Management Information System (MIS) and Accounting Information System (AIS), MIS is a group of connected and harmoniously cooperating sub-systems to achieve one goal of processing data provided by management are needed in the process of decision-making about its implementation. MIS is the transaction of processing, recording, use of electronic data processing application that focuses on the development of business application development that provides reports for the management in the form of useful information for decision making and a specific category of the information system for the middle level management applied to business control and predict work performance MIS consists of a large number of interrelated data and knowledge structure structured in such a way that it is related to the needs and structure of the entity and by more than one person with more than one use . Every manager from the different levels of the organization can easily access the data.

In most cases, data governance was not assessed in the early stages of implementation; therefore, the long-term benefits were not assessed.

Figure 3.3.6 V-shaped illustration is used to distinguish between data governance and data management
Figure 3.3.6 V-shaped illustration is used to distinguish between data governance and data management

Database Architecture: The Hierarchial Data Model

Web network for viewing and sharing transportation data through the agency's Open Data Gateway (UGATE) and Mapping Framework (UPlan) (http://uplan.maps.arcgis.com./home/index.html). Other state DOTs have followed this strategy to view and share data (eg, Arizona, Florida, Kansas, Idaho, Montana, Pennsylvania). After uploading the shop drawing, the document controller will check and review the document and then forward it down to level 2 to the consultant manager.

Once reviewed and approved, the Consultant Manager will escalate it up to level 3 to the Designer (Architect) and distribute the purchase drawing to the other Designer Consultant (Structural and MEPFS). After reviewing all child records, the purchase withdrawal will be returned to the record of a single parent, the General Contractor.

Fig. 3.4 The Hierarchial Data Model of the Workflow of the Proposed Web-based  Document Management System
Fig. 3.4 The Hierarchial Data Model of the Workflow of the Proposed Web-based Document Management System

Conceptual Framework of the Proposed System

Quality of Service - the quality of support system users receive from the information systems organization and IT support personnel (DeLone and McLean 2003). Use - the extent and manner in which employees and customers use an information system (DeLone and McLean 2003). Unlike the traditional way of keeping drawing records, you can search or monitor drawings by taking the list and hard copies to the document controller or by retrieving it from the highest position that has hard copies of the drawing.

As construction has a target date for completion, this study aims to quickly review and approve the drawing. In the traditional way, a document checker must first stamp, sign and record the drawing in an excel file for its record before distributing it to the Consultant Manager and Designer for review. An accelerator is sometimes used by the document controller to transmit the printed drawing from the consultant manager to the designer, which sometimes causes a delay if the offices are far away and take time.

Net effects – the extent to which information systems contribute (or do not contribute) to the success of individuals, groups, organizations, industries and nations.

Detailed Procedure in the Preparation of a Web-Based Document Management

Data Collection

Standard information prepared without exact consideration of the project is not called Shop drawings. Submit each submission prior to the results of the relevant construction activities to prevent delays. Coordinate the transfer of different types of submissions for related elements of work so that processing will not be delayed by reviewing submissions simultaneously for coordination purposes.

Indicate the name of the entity that prepared each submission on the label or title block. The submittal schedule, which must be subject to Architect and Project Manager approval, must identify each required submittal and include a submittal date that supports the project's CPM schedule. Submission Procedure: The Contractor shall submit the required number of copies of each submission to the Project Manager.

The Project Manager will forward the correct number of copies to the Architect of Record for review and approval.

Guidelines of the Proposed System

Architect reviews shop drawing (7 days) - Structural consultant approves shop drawing (7 days) - MEPFS consultant approves shop drawing (7 days) (21 days). Once the Consultant Manager receives the Shop Drawing notices from his Document Controller, he has two days to review. If the Consultant Manager considers that shop drawing does not need to be checked by the Designer, he may approve it and it can now be sent back to DC (Manager) for issue to the Contractor.

The architectural designer's document controller receives the shop drawing sent by the consultant manager. Before sending out the approved or rejected shop drawing, the DC (Manager) must inform the Consultant Manager that the shop drawing has been approved or rejected - this must happen within 2 days. Once the consultant manager has accepted it, the DC (Manager) distributes or issues the shop drawing to the contractor.

But if the Consultant Manager does not agree with it, the DC (Manager) returns the shop drawing to the DC (Arch. Designer) with the relevant comment made by the Consultant Manager.

Figure Shopdrawing Workflow with responsibilities of involved parties
Figure Shopdrawing Workflow with responsibilities of involved parties

Research and Development

Conclusion and Recommendations

Bäckblom M, Ruohtula A and Björk B Use Of Document Management Systems - A Case Study Of The Finish Construction Industry," ITcon, Vol. 2009), Data Sharing and Data Delivery Methods and Tools, Prepared for the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities, Juneau. Egan , John Rethinking Construction,” HMSO, Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions(DETR), United Kingdom.

All this tracking, checking and reviewing documents keeps me from doing my real job, which is to monitor the quality of the structures on site. All design consultant: As designers we need to consolidate each other's review of the shop drawings or any kind of design related queries. This affects the time of the review of documents which can affect the work on site as they wait for the queries they need to solve the ongoing problem.

Yes, it always affects my work as I am responsible in documentation and if one of the documents is lost or not correct, it will affect all the work of the management.

Shop Drawings – CADD files

Manufacturer's literature or brochure for approval

Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing (MEP) Product Data


Manufacturer's instruction and/or Specifications

Detailed and descriptive transmittal letter covering each submission …

Certification and inspection reports

As-Built drawings

Prints of As-Built drawings

CADD File of As-Built Drawings in CD ROMS


Operating Instruction


Figure 2.2.1 Organizational Chart showing Major Players in the Project
Figure 2.2.2 Organizational Chart of the Project Management Team for Solaire  Metro North Project
Figure 2.2.3 Project Programs and Function
Figure 2.2.4 Site Development Plan

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The performance rating of the employees shall be based on the Strategic Performance Management SPMS Individual Performance Commitment Review Form IPCR for the rating period